Plus announcing a new series of books in a totally different era from my previous work

LS eNewsletter #14b (bonus) – July 28, 2023

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I am deeply honored to be inducted into the wargaming CSR Hall of Fame. You can read more about the Charles S. Roberts awards here – He is considered to be the father of modern commercial wargames.

A Sneak peek at a new project that covers a totally different historical era from my previous work

My colleague and friend Brent Nosworthy is a successful wargame designer who created numerous titles for Simulations Publications Inc. (SPI), Operational Studies Group (OSG), and Australian Design Group (ADG). He is also the renowned author of The Anatomy of Victory: Battle Tactics, 1689-1763 and With Cannon, Musket and Sword: Battle Tactics of Napoleon and His Enemies plus other studies.

I am going to publish Brent’s series of books called Nosworthy’s Encyclopedia of European and American Battle Tactics 1452-1865 that will incorporate and expand upon his previous work as well as add new material he has acquired over many years.We hope to launch this multi-volume project in 2024 using crowdfunding.

Right now anyone interested in learning more about the early gunpowder era from the fall of Constantinople (1453) to the end of the American Civil War (1865) can read sample articles (chapters) abridged from Brent’s future volumes. An uncorrected, unedited beta version of The Advent of Linear Warfare: Circa 1580 to 1648 is available in PDF format to everyone who subscribes to Nosworthy’s Encyclopedia of Battle Tactics Patreon Page at Brent Nosworthy | Patreon. For as little as $3 a month Patreon subscribers will have access to an ever-growing number of highly detailed articles that analyze tactics and grand tactical issues during the age of muzzle loading small arms.

The Advent traces the evolution of linear warfare first through the Spanish/Italian phase, its continued development next by the Dutch during the Nine Years’ War, then under Gustavus Adolphus’ leadership during the Polish-Swedish Wars, before assuming its final form under French leadership when they entered the Thirty Years’ War.

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