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Lock ‘n Load Publishing Newsletter, Christmas Sale

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Our Christmas Sale is Going On Now

World At War 85 Developers Update Chat

This Sunday, December 12, 1:00 PM MST, we will be talking all things World At War 85, including the next game and when it will be coming to Kickstarter. We will have the whole design and development team available to answer your questions.

We will also be releasing some new surprises for all owners of Storming the Gap.

Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital:

Valor of the 13th Battlepack

Valor of the 13th is a Battlepack expansion for Heroes of the Motherland from the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system for both Tabletop and our Digital games. Included are ten brand-new scenarios and ten new map panels that are laid out to make 2 larger maps. It features fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level actions, and individual heroics.

The scenarios inside represent the efforts of the Soviet 13th Army to defend the area around Ponyari during the vital crucial days of July 6th through July 12th of 1943, during the German Operation Citadel-the fight to eliminate the Kursk salient. The scenarios focus on the battles around Hill 253.5 and the plains to the east of the hill. Massive infantry and armor engagements rage and flow around these battlefields, as both sides scramble to gain an advantage.

Also included are a new set of Vehicle rules that expand on the existing Vehicle rules presented in the Lock ‘n Load Tactical System Core Rules and were designed for this expansion pack. They now allow you to damage and destroy the mobility and combat capabilities of vehicles.

The Defenses of Kursk beckons you back to Heroes of the Motherland!

LnLP Online Library Now Available

A few months ago LnLP has added a new service to our lineup in our Online Library. The LnLP Online Library will have all of our core rules and many of our module rules added to it over the next few months. Gamers will be able to do very detailed searches and receive very quick results.

All of our library books can be printed directly from our library to your home computer. You can download our library books as PDFs or use them online via a browser on your computer, iPad, or any other electric device that can run a browser. Gamers can add their own personal bookmarks for quick reference.

We have added Bootcamp training videos when they are available. We will be adding more to our library going forward. You can find our library on our store menu under Community or with the links below.

LnLP Online Library Site


LnLP Help Center

LnLP has been expanded its Help Center by providing sections to help facilitate our support to our customers. Customers can review our additional support sections, such as FAQ, Resources, Forums, Virtual Gaming, Bootcamp Training, and Our Policies for help.

Customers having an order issue or receiving a damaged product should open a Support Ticket.

Help Center: https://support.lnlpublishing.com/hc/en-us

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