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Lock ‘n Load Publishing At SDHISTCON

Lock ’n Load Publishing is proud to be participating at the premier online wargaming convention, SDHistCon 2021: Spring Deployment May 21-23. We’re even more elated that you’ve decided to attend the convention along with us and — hopefully, learn a bit about Lock ’n Load Publishing and our catalog of compelling games.

Please visit us at SDHistCon 2021 by joining our Discord Channel and say hi! We will be featuring a few of our designers demoing their games. You’ll have a chance to play our titles and take advantage of discounts and sales during the con!

Special Offer from Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Before we dive into the newsletter, here’s some great news. As restrictions in some areas are easing up, we want to help you get back to gaming as normally and safely as possible. Not only is there a great sale going on at the LnLP store website, but if you use the code ‘extra20’ without the apostrophes, you’ll get an extra 20% off your purchase. What a great way to pick up any missing games or modules you need, but this will help you get ready for your next gaming session when you can get together with your gaming friends!

How Lock ‘n Load Publishing is helping us game during the COVID 19 days

Prior to COVID 19, my gaming was probably typical of most people. I had friends that I could visit in their home for face-to-face gaming. I had some friends that I could meet at the local game store to meet up with. On occasion, I had some friends that could meet up for some online multiplayer games. I also know that some people had dedicated gaming groups that met often. I also know some people that gamed almost exclusively online with virtual table tops. Whatever method myself or anyone else used for gaming, I think that COVID 19 has probably affected all of us when it comes to playing our favorite games. And I’m sure however you look at it, some of those experiences have either been for the better or the worse.

As for myself, I’ll talk a little about how my gaming has changed in regards to in-person experiences and how it’s affected my digital experiences. My in-person experiences have been the most affected as with a lot of people. One aspect of my in-person gaming hurt the most has been my weekly trips to the local game store with my son on the weekends. Prior to COVID, it was something I looked forward to each week. We’d stop at a local Gyro shop for a quick lunch, even that has stopped. I have fond memories of sitting at our favorite table and playing a card or dice game while we ate our lunch. We’d talk, eat and play a game as a warm up to the big game we had planned for the local game store. Sadly a tradition that had to stop and I don’t know when that will come back.

Not only was having lunch with my son, just the two of us, a great memory builder but so also was gaming at the local store. It was always great fun to go to the local store and see what was on the tables. There were usually a few people gaming various miniatures games or even board games. They had lots of card game tournaments in the front of the store and there was almost always someone to game with. It was fun to show up with a new game and have one or two people ask to join in and play. We had a few friends that we enjoyed meeting up with and seeing what new game they had, or playing a favorite game with a new expansion. That was also something that stopped in the days of COVID. Now, we can go into the store, but the number of people allowed is limited and some of the regulars have just stopped coming until things improve.

Another aspect of my in-person gaming that was affected was just simply going to a friend’s house to play games. Board games, role-playing games, war games and even just visiting for a bit came to a stop. Over time, my family became a little braver and we’d go over to our close friend’s home, but not as often and definitely for shorter gaming sessions at a time.

But all was not lost. Even though my in-person gaming had changed significantly, my digital gaming experiences also changed, and possibly, one could argue, for the better.

Our family was already well versed in console and PC gaming, much more in the PC gaming side of things. Before my lockdown gaming, there were a few Virtual Table Top options that allowed players to play some of their favorite games. There were a couple of well known platforms for boardgame players. This especially allowed me to playtest games and play some of my favorite wargames remotely with friends. I also had a couple of options for those times I wanted to roleplay. I think though, at the time, it felt very fringe and not very popular. However, after COVID, it seems now like a very common thing and even more options than before when it comes to remote playing. Not that those options didn’t exist before, but there seems to be so many options in terms of virtual table tops and their support. Even beyond virtual tabletops, just gaming in general from your computer seems to be even more supported. It seems that gaming from home, whether with physical components or from your computer or gaming console the new norm, and companies are supporting that with more vigor.

Which brings me to Lock ‘N Load Publishing’s support for the quarantined gamer. LnLP already has a very proud history of supporting solo players and computer based gaming. And going forward, is even more dedicated than ever before. You can go to the main store website and you can find almost every game is supported with digital documents, either rules, errata, updated charts etc. LnLP has also been dedicated for years developing solo support for some of our most popular games. There is also a wide range of computer games based on some of our popular board games.

And speaking of Lock ‘n Load Tactical, one overlooked gem that you might enjoy are the compendium books. it collates, in a re-edited and updated format, all of the essential WW2-Era and Modern -Era LnL Tactical articles, maps, and scenarios from every issue of Line of Fire magazine, plus some new content.

There are also modules for our Digital Nations at War series bringing you some great platoon level gaming. Currently, there is the White Star Rising content with Desert Heat and Stalin’s Triumph on the way. Right now is a great time to get in on some great computer gaming.

And, if you play the physical game, take a look into the companion, very similar to the LnL Tactical Compendium, you get all the articles and scenarios from our Line of Fire magazine, Airborne, and Operation Cobra expansions all in one package. That is a huge amount of scenarios, maps and extra counters to round your gaming experience.

And if you crave some of that face to face gaming feel, you can try the mods that are currently on Tabletop Simulator through the Steam gaming platform. Some of our most popular Lock ‘n Load Publishing games are available for you to replicate that table experience with friends and family that might not be able to meet face to face.

As it stands, the gaming I do today is not the same gaming I was doing a year ago, but I’m still gaming. And until friends and family are able to get together as often as we used to, or sit down with my son for a gyro and a game, we’ll still be able to play games together, just in a different way.

Just a quick introduction of who I am. My name is Eddie Carlson and I’m the communication manager for Lock ‘n Load Publishing. I’ll be responsible for posting news and events to our social media accounts and the occasional newsletter. We also have a blog that I’ll be posting to as well. I’m sure there will be more in time for me to do as I settle in, but I’m still getting a feel for the role and a feel for the sheer volume of gaming goodness that’s available. I hope that today you learned a little about me, and learned a little about what Lock ‘n Load Publishing has currently in our inventory of games, and maybe a peek at what is coming up.

Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital on Steam

Right now, you can get LnLT Digital on Steam. You can purchase the base game which gives you enough to start playing immediately. We are now releasing even more content and updates almost daily. One of the great things about LnLT Digital on Steam is that you can buy the base game which comes with some scenarios to get you used to the system. And then you can buy modules that cover different conflicts to expand your collection of maps and scenarios to play on. This allows you to get just the content you want without having to purchase everything at once. The Pacific is the latest expansion for LnLT Digital on steam with more to come. Also, updates are coming all the time, so there is definitely a lot of support for the system.

Battles on Demand

Something else that might be of interest to you is our growing lineup of Battles on Demand. Not only can you get them as a physical game, but if you fancy some arts and crafts, you can also purchase them as a PDF so you can download specially formatted digital editions for your Print and Play needs. Our two latest releases are Bouganville, The Forgotten Campaign. We also have an American Civil War entry, Atlanta Campaign, When Dixie Died.

Coming to Kickstarter

One last thing to mention is to keep an eye out for our next Kickstarter. Point Blank is coming to Kickstarter soon and it will be huge. After you include the base game, expansions, solo system, and a points system for making your own scenarios, we’ll be clocking in at possible over 640 cards! That’s a lot of card sleeves you’ll need, so make room! Check out our Point Blank product page.

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