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Now on Kickstarter – Only A Few Days Left

Point Blank: V is for Victory!

Point Blank V is for Victory is a World War 2 squad-level card game where players maneuver forces to attack or defend objectives defined in scenarios. The game comes with cards depicting infantry squads, vehicles, support weapons, and leaders. Counters are included with the game and are used to mark player forces with information about the condition or status of a unit.

All Stretch Goals have been UNLOCKED. The Point Blank series features expansive rules for variable terrain generation, flexible board sizes, infantry, armored fighting vehicles, line of sight, leaders, support weapons, and all the most recognizable weapons of war from the period, and more. All in a flexible, moderate complexity, game system that plays fast! It is all here, and YOU are IN COMMAND!!

Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital:

Red Gauntlet Battlepack

Red Gauntlet is an expansion for Heroes Against the Red Star for the Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital System available on Steam. Included are 8 brand-new scenarios and a new map (26AM). It features fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level actions, and individual heroics. The scenarios span the entire length of the war, starting with the first American counterattacks in the Gap and desperate efforts to slow down the Soviet juggernaut. We see Soviet Separate Air battalions landing to clear the way for armored spearheads and vicious ambushes against columns of Soviet vehicles.

There are armored formations clashing outside of Frankfurt. We see the French desperately attempting to hold the Soviets at bay in bitter fighting on the streets of Paris and daring rear area raids on supply depots, and the combined NATO last desperate final attempt to stop the Soviet Black Guards Tank Division from reaching Le Havre, and splitting the NATO line from north and south France.

Red Gauntlet Battlepack includes 8 scenarios and a map. The scenarios start from the first probes by Soviet infantry to the ultimate, desperate clash for the Important road and Bridges. This is modern street fighting, in the buildings, on the deck of the tanks. Get ready to return to the bloody fields of Europe in Red Gauntlet!

Labor Day Sale

Summer is ending and Fall is at our front door. Get an additional 30% off our already discounted games at the LnLP store website, but if you use the code ‘lnlplabor’ without the apostrophes, you’ll get an extra 30% off your purchase.

Make sue to take advantage of these great deals. Plenty of gaming at your fingertips to fill your summer!

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