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Scenario Editor/Battle Generator

It’s More Than Just A Battle Generator and Scenario Editor, It Provides You More Ways To Play.

LnLT Battle Generator and Editor DLC will add features to all owned DLC modules, by allowing you to generate random battles and design your own scenarios, and adding an RPG campaign. Battle Generator and Scenario Editor have been tailored to work with all Lock ‘n Load Tactical DLC modules in the series past, present, and future.

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Coming to Kickstarter

Keep an eye out for our next Kickstarter! Point Blank is coming to Kickstarter soon and it will be huge. After you include the base game, expansions, solo system, and a points system for making your own scenarios, we’ll be clocking in at possible over 640 cards! That’s a lot of card sleeves you’ll need, so make room! Check out our Point Blank product page.

The Road to Stalingrad gets a new name

Since the module was first announced, we updated the name to better reflect the area of operations covered. The content remains unchanged, but the new name will clarify and distinguish the contents from planned upcoming modules. We wanted to let people know about the name change so we could eliminate any confusing as we get closer to release. So here it is, the new name and new cover – Heroes of the Bitter Harvest.

Special Offer from Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Here’s some great news. As restrictions in some areas are easing up, we want to help you get back to gaming as normally and safely as possible. Not only is there a great sale going on at the LnLP store website, but if you use the code ‘extra20’ without the apostrophes, you’ll get an extra 20% off your purchase. What a great way to pick up any missing games or modules you need, but this will help you get ready for your next gaming session when you can get together with your gaming friends!

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Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital on Steam

Right now, you can get LnLT Digital on Steam. You can purchase the base game which gives you enough to start playing immediately. We are now releasing even more content and updates almost daily. One of the great things about LnLT Digital on Steam is that you can buy the base game which comes with some scenarios to get you used to the system. And then you can buy modules that cover different conflicts to expand your collection of maps and scenarios to play on. This allows you to get just the content you want without having to purchase everything at once. The Pacific is the latest expansion for LnLT Digital on steam with more to come. Also, updates are coming all the time, so there is definitely a lot of support for the system.

Battles on Demand

Something else that might be of interest to you is our growing lineup of Battles on Demand. Not only can you get them as a physical game, but if you fancy some arts and crafts, you can also purchase them as a PDF so you can download specially formatted digital editions for your Print and Play needs. Our two latest releases are Bouganville, The Forgotten Campaign. We also have an American Civil War entry, Atlanta Campaign, When Dixie Died.
Preview Video
Want to know more about the Atlanta Campaign, take a look at this preview video from Moe’s Game Table. Preview Video
Additional Battle Generator and Scenario Editor Details
The Battle Generator also allows players to mix and match forces and maps from the different game DLC modules to generate historical and hypothetical battles making some for some very unique battles. For example, Players that own the Heroes of Normandy and Heroes of the Nam DLC modules could have the Viet Cong forces from Heroes of the Nam’s face off against the German forces from Heroes of Normandy. Players may also select a totally non-standard work map such as a desert map.


Players can create up to 13 mission campaigns and let you have the option of selecting a personal leader that you can name and starts with a random leadership, morale, and movement rating. A Player’s core troops carry over from scenario to scenario and your leader will gain points based on the actions your leader conducts and is successful at completing. Players can also gain extra points for Reinforcements that usually come in at a later turn during the scenario.


The Scenario Editor is more a Scenario Builder and allows players to design their own scenarios for either Digital games, Tabletop Simulators, or our Board games. Players can create their own scenarios by selecting the combat forces, maps, scenario events, victory conditions, AI options, and any other special scenario conditions.


Players can use any maps provided in the DLC they own. Players can select whether they are turned sideways or not. From there a player can create a map of up to nine boards large! Three by three. Or a player can choose a long narrow layout, one map by three, and so on. If you are a player that ever dreamed of creating a monster battle you now can.


Players can edit the Scenario information such as who is fighting, why, when, where. Explain the victory conditions, special rules, and/or events.


Victory can be assigned by Victory Points comparison, or a number of controlled Victory Hexes, or building(s), or maybe a Zone must be clear of all enemies, or at least “no good order enemy” is in a zone.

Players can set victory hex locations, and/or buildings. Only one hex of a building? Or the whole Building? All of them? Players can set up three victory conditions, and specify whether all or just one are required, and which side or sides needs to meet those conditions to win.


Special scenario rules can cover Time of Day (night? Dawn? Dusk?) whether it’s raining, are buildings only single story, or is the terrain damp.


Leading on to the forces to be used, these are picked from a pool of the units that come from the module(s) you chose to build with. You will be choosing SMCs, MMCs and Weapons Teams, AFVs, etc to be part of a group. This group can be assigned to set up at scenario start or come on at a certain turn number. They could only arrive when triggered by an event, etc. Events like that can be triggered either by a unit coming into the line of sight of a hex or entering that hex. From there you can create yet more groups.

Each unit can have specific victory points assigned to it (“the mission is the man?”) or a particular skill. Perhaps that SMC starts wounded? Are they “bold” or maybe also “dedicated”? You can choose to restrict a unit to a particular zone or forbid it from entering a particular zone.


We have added some AI settings that allow us to change the way the AI will behave. Among these, we can control whether the AI will prefer to set up more centered, or closer to where their enemy is going to be. A player can set an attack or defense posture for the enemy, or even tell it to change that stance on a particular turn number.



Here are some of the features we are working on for Battle Generator & Scenario Editor.

Command Play: This feature is for players playing online or head to head.

Unit Point Cost Editor: Each DLC has its own unit point cost.

Ability To Print Scenarios: A player will be able to add their own images, scenario descriptions, and then players can then save them as either JPG or PDF file formats.

Player Request Features: As Players request new features we will consider them and implement them as possible.

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