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Litko North Africa WW2 Campaign Tokens and Chessex Dice

The North African WW2 Campaign includes the early war between Italy and British Commonwealth forces for control of the Suez region and key cities in North Africa. Germany would later join Italy, with Rommel leading Germany’s efforts to control the region
Our North African WW2 Campaign Tokens feature a colorful acrylic base with a printed symbol. Use our 18mm tokens as activation tokens, unidentified unit markers, perimeter markers, or as victory points These 18mm circle tokens are easy to see, fit into small places and keep the table clutter to a minimum.
Check out our Premium Printed WWII Faction Tokens representing countries from both the Axis and the Allies. Use these tokens to enhance your favorite World War II Games

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Calling all Dungeon Masters!
LITKO now carries Chessex Dice
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Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die Set contain
  • 1- D4
  • 1- D8
  • 1-D6
  • 1- D10
  • 1- Percentile
  • 1- D12
  • 1- D20
Chessex 25mm d20 Dice are sold individually. Seven “frosted” colors are available.
Chessex 12mm d6 Dice contains 36 dice in each dice block. These 12mm dice are smaller than the standard 16mm dice. Nineteen vibrant colors to choose from with more on the way!
Chessex 16mm d6 Dice contain 12 dice in each dice block. These standard dice are useful in most games. Twenty-Six colors are now in stock in the LITKO Store.
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