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60mm octagon-shaped Battle Tracker. All the vital scores to track during each game are in the palm of your hand. The Battle Tracker lets you see what turn it is, how many command points you must spend, and your current victory points. Each dial is held in place firmly with plastic rivets; this keeps the dials fixed in place.
  • Black dials with white numbered 00-99 dual dial setup for tracking victory points.
  • Red dial to track the current Battle Round or Turn.
  • Blue dial to track current command points.
40mm octagon-shaped Command Points dial with transparent grey top and blue lower dial numbered #0-12. Laser-cut and engraved on durable acrylic. Premium printed dial numbers and assembled with plastic rivets. The small size fits nicely in the hand. The tight-fitting rivets keep the dial from freely spinning. Compatible with Warhammer 40,000 10th edition rules*.


John M is using a Wound Dial during his Kill Team game
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