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WWII Pacific Theater Tokens

The Pacific war saw the allies pitted against Japan to control the Asia Pacific region. Titanic naval and air battles were fought for resources and strategic locations from India and Australia to the US-controlled Islands of the Pacific Ocean.
Roundels for WWII Pacific Theater inclue RAF, Pre War USA, Japan, USAF, Australia, India, and New Zealand
Mark your cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers as you battle for the Pacific. Use LITKO® Premium Printed Full-Color Tokens as activation tokens, unidentified unit markers, or for placing models for set-up. Each token features a colorful solid acrylic base with a full-color printed symbol representing a specific country.
Acrylic Islands for Sea Based Games
Create your naval battlefield with LITKO® Naval Islands.

Requires assembly. We recommend our Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all our multi-part acrylic kits.

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WWII North Africa Tokens for Australia, New Zealand, British Special Airforce, Axis Command, German Afrika Korps, British Army Desert Rats, Allied Command, Operation Torch, German Bundeswehr-Cross, and Italian Army
25mm Nation Tokens for WWII Games
Stay tuned! The collection will continue to grow!

ICYMI: LITKO Now Carries Chessex Dice

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Opaque 12mm d6 Yellow/black Dice Block™
Opaque 12mm d6 Yellow/black Dice Block™
Speckled 16mm d6 Stealth™ Dice Block™
Speckled 16mm d6 Stealth™ Dice Block™
Translucent Polyhedral Green/white 7-DiceSet
Translucent Polyhedral Green/white 7-DiceSet
Frosted™ Polyhedral Caribbean Blue™/white d20 (Single)
Frosted™ Polyhedral Caribbean Blue™/white d20 (Single)
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