Ki-27 ‘Nate’ Aces


Author: Nicholas Millman
Illustrator: Ronnie Olsthoorn

This 96 page paperback book is number 103 in the Aircraft of the Aces series of books available from Osprey Publishing.

The Ki-27 achieved its first successes during the so-called ‘China Incident’. These were the glory days for the JAAF and many of the successful 97 Sen pilots went on to become the outstanding leaders and veteran aces of the Pacific War. Initially facing more modern Allied types of fighter, the 97 Sen was more than able to hold its own by exploiting its outstanding aerobatic qualities. But the writing was on the wall for unarmored aircraft as the Allies consolidated and began their fight back. By 1943 it was considered obsolete but was still being encountered in combat by Allied pilots, especially in the air defense role. The Ki-27 also found an important secondary role as an armed fighter trainer, equipping an important number of training units and flying schools, but was essentially retired from combat. This book tells the complete story of this special aircraft and its part in Japanese military history.


  • Introduction
  • Into Action Over China
  • The Crucible Of Nomonhan
  • Action Over The Philippines
  • Malaya, The East Indies And Burma
  • Facing A New Enemy In China
  • Consolidation And Defense
  • Appendices

This is an excellent short reference work on the Ki-27 Nate in the different theaters of war in the Pacific. Here we see how the Nate behaved in combat. This is an especially good reference book for the modeler or diorama builder because of all the black and white photographs and color plates that illustrate camouflage schemes.

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