Hurricane 1 vs Bf110 1940

by Tony Holmes

This book is number 29 in Osprey’s “Duel” series.

In this book the author, an expert on aviation history presents a thorough comparison between Britain’s Hurricane 1 and the German’s Bf110. He writes about the amazing battles between these two planes that took place over the skies of France and the English Channel. He gives a chronology from August 1933 – the RAF fighter discussion stage to November 17, 1940 when the last Bf110 was credited to the Hurricane 1.

The author provides detailed information on the Design, Development, and Technical Specifications on both planes, including the early and late build of the Hurricane 1. He also has a specifications chart comparing the Hurricane 1 and Bf110-4. He goes onto describe the historical strategic situation at the time so you can understand the importance of each aircraft to their country. The author also provides Unit Organization information. He has researched and discusses the Combatants and their (German and British) Pilot Training programs. Here the author includes beautifully detailed illustrations using reference numbers for captioned descriptions of the Bf110 Cockpit and the Hurricane 1 Cockpit.

The author uses first-hand accounts from a number of British and German aces to describe various combat situations, which puts the human element into the FIGHTING OR WAR. He discusses the statistics and analysis, and includes Kill Charts for the Ace Pilots of the Hurricane 1 and Bf110.

This is a well written book containing much interesting information together with full-color illustrations and period photographs throughout. This is a book that air enthusiasts will enjoy.