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High Flying Dice (HFD) Games Latest News May 2023

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For May, we have released another new game in the Battles for Canada Series, as well as a new game set during the Korean War. Read on and let the dice fly high!


New Games!

Kings of the Castle:
The Battle of the Imjin River, April 22-25, 1951

Kings of the Castle is a moderate complexity level war game simulation of the climactic battle fought along the Imjin River during the Korean War.  The Chinese intervention in the Korean “Police Action” just a few months earlier in late November, 1950 caught the Allied forces by surprise, sending them reeling back with substantial losses, especially among the newly reconstituted units of the Republic of [South] Korea (ROK), many of which broke and ran in the face of the Communist onslaught.  In just a few weeks the initial Chinese offensive had driven the UN forces back from the Korean border and nearly completely out of North Korea.

In mid-April the Communists launched another offensive they hoped would drive the UN forces completely from the North Korea. The 29th Commonwealth Brigade, made up of battalions from throughout Great Britain and Ireland as well as a battalion from Belgium, as well as supported by a recently arrived Filipino battalion, backstopped the Allied line on the road to Seoul. On April 22 the Chinese 63rd Army’s 187th, 188th and 189th Divisions struck the over-stretched defenders. A Communist victory here would break the Allied defensive line, leading to the precipitous fall of Seoul and the isolation and possible loss of several other Allied units. Can you do as well or better?

A complete game of Kings of the Castle is composed of the following:

  • 12 pages of rules
  • Two 11″ by 17″ maps
  • 315 un-mounted, single-sided counters
  • One players’ aid sheet with Unit ID and Random Events Table

Note that players will need to provide one 6-sided die and an opaque container (cup, envelope, etc.) to play the game. Each night turn of the game represents two hours of time; day turns represent 4 hours.  Each hex is approximately one third of a mile across. Allied Infantry and both sides’ Heavy Weapons units represent companies (about 200 to 250 men). Chinese infantry units represent battalions (about 800 men). Allied armor/tank units represent 10-12 armored fighting vehicles.

Kings of the Castle is Designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and features graphics by Bruce Yearian. The game is a “sister title” to King of the Hills: The Battle Kap-Yong, April 23-25, 1951. You can view samples of the Kings of the Castle game components, and access the order form, from here: http://www.hfdgames.com/imjin.html

A Steadfast and Violent Affair:
The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, July 25, 1814

They were met by us near the Falls of Niagara, where a most severe conflict ensued: the enemy disputed the ground with resolution, yet were driven from every position they attempted to hold.” – General Jacob Brown’s account of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, July 29, 1814.

The US capture of Canada was assumed in Washington, DC “to be a mere matter of marching”. However, the fight for the British colony was severe and prolonged, especially in Ontario’s Niagara peninsula. By the summer of 1814 fighting had raged throughout the region, with natives on both sides of the border fighting in the armies of both the US and those of Great Britain and Canada, and the cities of York (modern day Toronto) and Buffalo were in ruins. In many ways this was neighbor vs. neighbor with elements of a civil war casting the entire region into near chaos maintained by military occupation.

That summer both sides arrayed their largest armies fielded to date in the war. With the US victory on Lake Erie and the recapture of Detroit to the west, the focus of the war was now turned once again to the Niagara peninsula as the war’s theater of decision. Can you do as well, or better, than your historical counterparts?

Each copy of A Steadfast and Violent Affair is composed of the following:

  • One 11 by 17 inch map with Turn Record Track.
  • 90 double-sided counters.
  • 9 pages of rules.

Each hex is approximately 50 yards across, a regular or militia infantry unit is 250-350 men, First Nation and Dragoon units are 80 to 100 men, and artillery units represent 2 or 3 guns. A turn represents one hour of time. A Steadfast and Violent Affair is designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and features graphics by Ilya Kudriashov. The game sells for $15.95 plus shipping. Mounted counters can be had for an additional $8.00. You can view samples of the game’s components and access the order form from here: http://www.hfdgames.com/lundy.html

Battles for Canada Series custom card set!

This custom card set replaces the standard deck of playing cards called for in the Battles for Canada Series games’ rules. The custom card set can be used with all six of the games in the series (more games on the battles of Lundy’s Lane, Fort Erie, Cook’s Mills and Queenston Heights are in the works), and features graphics by Ilya Kudriashov. The Battles for Canada Series custom card set is $10.00 plus shipping, or can be had for free with any purchase of 4 games.

Please remember we also have these promotions in effect throughout the year:

  • Any purchase or 4 or more High Flying Dice Games (Professional or DTP) and you get one mini-game for free (your choice of any that sell regularly for $8.95).
  • Alternative Bonus! Instead of a free mini-game, any purchase of 4 or more games and you can instead get a single-deck card set (any of those that sell regularly for $9.00).
  • Note: Our newest postcard “Pocket Battle” game, A Rock and a Hard Place can be used for the above bonuses!

Upcoming Games!

  • Several new games are now Under Development and are undergoing playtesting. Brand new titles that are now being play tested are A Hard Day’s Work: The Battle of Droop Mountain, November 6, 1863, One More Killing: The Battle of Bentonville, March 19, 1865, Fighting for Time: The Battle of Averasboro, March 16, 1865, A Sanguine Fight: The Battle of Riachuelo, June 11, 1865, Muerte Desde Arriba: Air Battles of the Spanish Civil War, Heaven’s Will: The Raid on Ulithi Atoll, November 1944, Diggers’ Resolve: The Battle for Milne Bay, August-September 1942, A Resolute Action: The Battle of Fort Meigs, May 5, 1813, Falling Skies: Operation Rolling Thunder, March-April 1965, Operation Menace: The Attack on Dakar, September 23-25, 1940, A Lamentable and Calamitous Action: The Attack at Mers-el-Kebir, July 3, 1940A Mad Endeavor: The Attack on Stony Point, July 16, 1779, Tempting Fate: The Battle of the Granicus River, May 334 BCE, Waters Unvexed: Three Battles of the Mississippi River, 1862 (Island Number 10, Plum Point Bend, Memphis), The Yanks are Here! The St. Mihiel Campaign, September 1918, Operation Musketeer: The Attack on Port Said, November 1956, A Gallant and Efficient Fight: The Battle of Hamel, July 4, 1918, One Small Step: The US/USSR Space Race to the Moon, and Depths of Courage vol. 12: The Raid on Valletta, July 25/26, 1941, Dying is Easy: Naval Battles of the Boshin War, May 1869, Heights of Frustration: The Battles for Longstop Hill, December 1942 and April 1943, Late to the Fight: The Battle of Palmetto Ranch, May 13, 1865. Blood and Oil: The Persian Gulf Tanker War, 1985, Gimme Shelter: The Siege of Firebase Ripcord, July 1970, A Desperate Fight: The Battle of Wassaw Sound, June 17, 1863.
  • Heading into final development and graphics are La Vallee de la Mort: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu (also includes game on the 1953 Siege of Na San, as well as expansion game on Operations Condor and Albatross), Villa’s Vengeance: The Raid on Columbus, New Mexico, March 9, 1916, So Far From God: The US Punitive Expedition in Mexico, 1916-1917, White Christmas? The Fall of Saigon, April 1975, Whatever the Cost: The Battle for Corregidor Island, February 1945, Shadows of Hell: Operation Karbala 6, January 15-17, 1987, Galahad’s Ordeal: The Battle of Myitkyina, Cross vs. Crescent: The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, July 16, 1212, Nothing Then is Done: The Battle of Najera, April 3, 1367, A Brilliant Fight: The Battle of Queenston, October 12, 1812, Wheels of Change: The 1950s US Auto Industry, Souls to Waste: The Battle of An Bao, May 5, 1968, Depths of Courage, Volume 13: The Attack on the Tirpitz, September 1943,  In Harm’s Way: Battles of the Dutch East Indies Campaign (Sunda Strait, Badung, Balikpapan, Java Sea) Paint it Black: The Attack on Lang Vei, February 6-7, 1968, A Cruel and Bitter Fight: The Battle of the Thames, October 5, 1813 and A Dreadful Fight: The Battle of Horse Shoe Bend: March 27, 1814, Operation Icarus: The Invasion of Iceland, June 1940.

Look for upcoming release announcements as these games are finished up.

Online Retailers!

High Flying Dice Games are available from this fine online retailer:

Be sure to visit the High Flying Dice Games website for the latest information, view the full range of games, as well as see what is being worked on. You can also place orders and ask questions about all of the games in our catalog and in development. Visit us at: http://www.hfdgames.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you very much for your interest and support. Let the Dice Fly High!

Paul Rohrbaugh

Founder, High Flying Dice Games
9753 Deltona Drive
New Middletown, OH 44442

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