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New Games!

white christmas components

White Christmas: The Fall of Saigon, April 1975

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford. –Song played on Radio Saigon to signal Americans to assemble for an evacuation of South Vietnam.

After President Nixon’s sudden resignation in August 1974 the leaders of North Vietnam realized that the timetable and “Blooming Lotus” plan set for late 1976 or early 1977 for invading South Vietnam to reunite all of Vietnam could be advanced. The invasion began with a series of Communist attacks in the Central Highlands on March 8th, 1975. This led to the capture of several ARVN positions that prompted South Vietnamese President, Nguyen Van Thieu to order an evacuation, which was soon counter-manded and then reordered again. The South Vietnamese command indecision led to confusion and then panic when Communist forces crossed the DMZ (de-militarized zone) that separated North and South Vietnam a week later with a massive conventional invasion bolstered by tanks, artillery and mobile anti-aircraft batteries. The northern-most city in South Vietnam of Quang Tri fell quickly in a night time assault with Communist troops and tanks, with head lights blazing, herded more than attacked their foes into flight and captivity. The Imperial City of Hue was soon cut ofddddf from direct communications with Saigon to the south, and this prompted a complete breakdown of ARVN troops in I Corps (northern most command in South Vietnam) with many fleeing to Danang and any other ports or roads south to escape the Communist onslaught. 

Viewing their foe’s growing collapse, the North Vietnamese High Command issued new orders to capture Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, by the anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s birth on May 9th. The final battle of the thirty-year long war was now set. White Christmas is moderate level complexity game on the battle for Saigon in April 1975. Can you do as well or better than your historical counterparts? Learn and enjoy!

Each copy of White Christmas? is composed of the following:

  • Two 11 by 17 inch maps with game tracks and tables.
  • 176 double-sided counters
  • 16 pages of rules including variants and charts

Units represent divisions (XX), Brigades (X), Regiments (III) and Battalions (II). A hex is 8 miles across. A turn in the game represents three days of time. White Christmas is designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and features graphics by Tim Allen. White Christmas sells for $22.95 plus shipping (a boxed version is available for an additional $6.00). Mounted counters can be had for an additional $8.00. You can access the game’s web page, and order form, from here:

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Upcoming Games!

  • Several new games are now Under Development and are undergoing playtesting. Brand new titles that are now being play tested are A Reign of Chaos: The Hamas-Israeli War, 2023 (expansion game for A Reign of Missiles), A Dutiful Fight: The Battle of Chateauquay, October 16, 1813, A Hard Day’s Work: The Battle of Droop Mountain, November 6, 1863, Fighting for Time: The Battle of Averasboro, March 16, 1865, A Sanguine Fight: The Battle of Riachuelo, June 11, 1865, Heaven’s Will: The Raid on Ulithi Atoll, November 1944, Falling Skies: Operation Rolling Thunder, March-April 1965, A Mad Endeavor: The Attack on Stony Point, July 16, 1779, Tempting Fate: The Battle of the Granicus River, May 334 BCE, The Yanks are Here! The St. Mihiel Campaign, September 1918, A Gallant and Efficient Fight: The Battle of Hamel, July 4, 1918, One Small Step: The US/USSR Space Race to the Moon, Depths of Courage vol. 12: The Raid on Valletta, July 25/26, 1941, Dying is Easy: Naval Battles of the Boshin War, May 1869, Heights of Frustration: The Battles for Longstop Hill, December 1942 and April 1943, Late to the Fight: The Battle of Palmetto Ranch, May 13, 1865. 1985, Gimme Shelter: The Siege of Firebase Ripcord, July 1970, A Desperate Fight: The Battle of Wassaw Sound, June 17, 1863, Operation Icarus: The Invasion of Iceland, June 1940, Peace on the Edge: The Cold War.
  • Heading into final development and graphics are Maneuvering to War: The US Army 1941 Maneuvers, Blood and Oil: The Persian Gulf Tanker War, Operation Menace: The Attack on Dakar, September 23-25, 1940, A Lamentable and Calamitous Action: The Attack at Mers-el-Kebir, July 3, 1940, So Far From God: The US Punitive Expedition in Mexico, 1916-1917, A Resolute Action: The Battle of Fort Meigs, May 5, 1813, Shadows of Hell: Operation Karbala 6, January 15-17, 1987, Cross vs. Crescent: The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, July 16, 1212, Nothing Then is Done: The Battle of Najera, April 3, 1367, Souls to Waste: The Battle of An Bao, May 5, 1968, Depths of Courage, Volume 13: The Attack on the Tirpitz, September 1943,  In Harm’s Way: Battles of the Dutch East Indies Campaign (Sunda Strait, Badung, Balikpapan, Java Sea) Paint it Black: The Attack on Lang Vei, February 6-7, 1968, A Cruel and Bitter Fight: The Battle of the Thames, October 5, 1813 and A Dreadful Fight: The Battle of Horse Shoe Bend: March 27, 1814, Diggers’ Resolve: The Battle for Milne Bay, August-September 1942.

Look for upcoming release announcements as these games are finished up.

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