General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark


Author: Peter Davies
Illustrators: Henry Morshead and Adam Tooby

This 64 page paperback book is number 10 in the Air Vanguard Series of books available from Osprey Publishing.

Despite its uncertain start the F-111 proved to be one of the most successful and influential designs of the 1960s. Its radical ‘swing wing’ was adopted by the F-14 Tomcat, Panavia Tornado and Rockwell B-1B Lancer while its turbofan-type engines became standard in many combat aircraft. F-111 crews pioneered tactics using terrain-following and laser targeting devices that made the F-15E Eagle’s missions possible. Its 4,000 low-altitude penetration missions during Operation Linebacker in Vietnam showed how individual aircraft can deliver crippling blows to enemy capability without loss to themselves. The recent retirement of the F-111 from Australian service appears to have created a surge of interest in the type, which hasn’t been featured in previous Osprey works.

The contents of this book are;

  • Introduction
  • Design and Development
  • Technical Specifications
  • F-111 Variants and Modifications
  • Operational History
  • Conclusion
  • Further Reading
  • Index

This is an excellent book for the modeler to use as a guide when building this model. The detailed information and detailed color prints make this an invaluable addition to any airplane modeler, historian, and wargamer who is looking for factual information about this plane.

This book is available in three different formats which are;

Book $18.95
PDF eBook $15.95
ePub eBook $15.95