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Long Road Pledge Manager Closing Feb 24

The Long Road pledge manager is closing Feb 24. This allows 1 more week for Kickstarter backers to complete their pledges, and also allows those who missed the Kickstarter to late pledge. You can do so by clicking here.

For more information on the World War III game not like other World War III game Click here.

The Long Road is a World War III-themed, hex and counter wargame with paranormal elements. Based on the characters and events in Mark H. Walker’s Dark War series of novels (Revelation and Retribution), The Long Road depicts a Soviet push into West Germany. A push predicated by forces beyond their control. A push predicated by paranormal forces.

In many of the scenarios, gamers will take the role of a Soviet or NATO regimental or brigade commander, controlling platoons of 1985-era tanks, infantry, and weapons as they play through a story-driven campaign. In some of these scenarios the game’s artificial intelligence will control paranormal elements that directly impact the combatants and move the story forward. For example, a strange, otherworldly electrical storm that roams the battlefield, hampering electronics and limiting engagement ranges. Or perhaps a zombie horde of unknown origin that pours from a city, attacking American and Soviet soldiers alike.

In other scenarios, you will be able to directly control the strange forces as they either fight NATO/ Soviet soldiers or other paranormal entities. For instance, you might lead a Lycan clan ambushing a Soviet convoy, the unchanged clan members fighting with RPD/RPGs and assault rifles while their werewolf brethren assault with fang and claw. In another scenario vampires, with high-tech weaponry, battle Lycans to keep the Lycan from overrunning the vampire coven.

Crazy, right? But it’s done with a next-level iteration of the popular Platoon Commander system, in a way we hope pique’s wargamer’s interest. Make no mistake. The Long Road is a wargame, but a wargame with a twist. Features include.

· Airstrikes

· Artillery

· Special ATGM rules

· Overruns

· Infantry fire from IFVs

· Helicopters

· Spetsnaz

· Champions

· Heroes

· Commanders

· Card-assisted play

You can make a late pledge here.

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