Field of Glory
Triumph of Nations


Field of Glory Napoleonic Supplement 2
Authors: Terry Shaw Slitherine
Peter Dennis

This hardback book is the second book in the Field of Glory Napoleonic’s books available from Osprey Publishing.

Triumph of Nations is a supplement that provides gamers with Army Lists that they can use with the Field of Glory Napoleonic miniature rules. The periods that are covered by this supplement are;

  • 1809 The Austro-French Campaign of 1809
  • 1812 The Invasion of Russia
  • 1813 The War of Liberation (Sixth Coalition)
  • 1814 The Invasion of France
  • 1815 Campaigns and the 100 Days

These six years take Napoleon from his height of power with the Grand Army right up to his downfall at Waterloo. However, the information provided for the wargamer of FoG Napoleonic is invaluable.

Within each of the sections listed above, the wargamers receive information about the composition of armies that fought at that time. Additionally, each of the sections has pictures of painted miniatures or plate drawings illustrating the uniforms that were worn. For example, in the section for the French Army of 1809 the reader receives the following information;

  • French Infantry Corps d’Armee 1809
  • French Imperial Guard 1809
  • French Cavalry Reserve 1809
  • French Army of Dalmatia 1809

In each of these sub-sections the reader receives a short history of the unit being presented as well as its organization and how to customize its organization. Of course, all the information is presented in FoG Napoleonic game terms.

Some of the other armies presented for fighting during the 1809 campaign are;

  • Army of Wurttemberg
  • Army of Bavaria
  • Army of Italy
  • Army of the Duchy of Warsaw
  • Army of Tyrolean Revolt
  • Kingdom of Westphalia
  • British Expeditionary Force to Walcheren
  • Ottoman Turkish Army
  • Russian Army of Moldavia

As you can see, the gamer is provided with a wide range of armies from which they can choose to build their armies.

Triumph of Nations is a specialized book for the Field of Glory Napoleonic miniatures rulebook. That is not to say that someone with ingenuity couldn’t modify the information for another set of rules. One of the excellent features of this book, and other supplements of its kind, is that the authors provide the gamer with mechanisms to build their own “what-if” army. So, this means that with these special armies “what-if” battles could be staged with custom armies that the gamers build.

Overall Triumph of Nations for the Field of Glory Napoleonic rules set is an excellent supplement that broadens the rules while providing the gamer with a bit of its history and a number of color plates and pictures so they can paint their armies uniforms.

This book is available from Osprey Publications

MSRP Hardback US $34.95