European Medieval Tactics (1)

The Fall and Rise of Cavalry 450-1260


written by David Nicolle

illustrated by Adam Hook

This book is number 185 in Osprey’s ‘Elite’ series.

The Medieval period was very influential in the development of modern Europe. The Early medieval period set the foundation for a new European civilization of new states, new military systems and new attitudes towards warfare. This book is one of two covering the new medieval tactics, new strategies and modes of combat showing the evolution of both the Calvary and infantry.

It traces the decline of the cavalry that replaced the western Roman Empire, up to the development of the armored Norman knight. The author begins with the 4th to mid 5th centuries discussing the aftermath of the collapse of the western half of the Roman Empire; the age of migrations from the 5th to 9th centuries; the Early Medieval Cavalry and Infantry from the 7th to 10th centuries; he continues with the Cavalry’s fortifications, encampments, and equipment for the varied European invaders during the 10th and 11th centuries; and he ends with the 12th and 13th centuries discussing the supposedly complete dominance of the “all-conquering knight.”

The author explains in vivid detail the developments of how battles were fought by Western European armies, from the fall of Rome to the Crusades. Included are color plates and illustrations of tactical scenarios and historic battles. This concise book of 64 pages is money well spent for the medieval history or wargaming enthusiast.

Paperback: $18.95 US; $22.00 CAN