E-Boat vs MTB

The English Channel 1941-45


written by Gordon Williamson

illustrated by Ian Palmer and Howard Gerrard

This book is number 34 in Osprey’s ‘Duel’ series.

This book is about the naval battles between the E-Boats and the Motor Torpedo Boats in the English Channel. The author gives detailed technical comparisons of the British and German coastal forces. He discusses their design and development together with photographs and illustrations. In addition, he includes illustrations of three-way views of each Boat. These spectacular illustrations make this a fantastic book for visual resource material while the text tells the story of the evolution of these two Boats from fights in the Thames estuary to the build-up for D-Day. The author highlights the British and German tactics of reliance on armament and technical excellence versus operational flexibility.

Paperback: $17.95 US; $19.95 CAN