Duty and Glory
Europe 1660 – 1698
Field of Glory Renaissance


written by Nik Gaukroger and Richard Bodley Scott assisted by Paul Robinson, John Munro, Mike Kroon, David Caceres Gallardo and Karsten Loh

This book is number 5 in Osprey’s ‘Field of Glory Renaissance Companion’ series.

Duty and Glory is the 100 page Field of Glory Renaissance companion book for the wars of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is necessary for the wargamer to have a copy of the Field of Glory Renaissance in order to play this historical miniature tabletop game.

This rule book affords generals with everything necessary to go to war in Western Europe in the Age of Reason. It contains historical overviews, beautiful artwork, maps, and accessible detailed army lists for the rise of France and the Grand Alliance of nations ranged against her. It takes you from the majesty of the courts of Louis XIV and Charles II to the battlefields of Sedgemoor,Boyne, and the War of the League of Augsburg.

Paperback: $24.95 US; $27.95 CAN