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Duel 110 Arab Armor Vs Israeli Armor Six Day War 1967

Arab Armor


Israeli Armor

Six Day War 1967

Duel 110

Duel 110 Arab Armor vs Israeli Armor
Duel 110 Arab Armor vs Israeli Armor

Author                 Chris McNab
Illustrated by       Jim Laurier

Duel 110 is the latest book in the Duel Series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.

Drawing on compelling first-hand accounts from both unit commanders and individual crews, this Duel title explains the tactical and mechanical dynamics of one of history’s greatest post-war armored engagements.

The Six-Day War in 1967 was a lightning Israeli campaign that changed the face of the Middle East. Israel’s armored brigades, despite being heavily outnumbered on paper by Arab AFVs, managed to dominate the Arab forces tactically and technologically, through excellent gunnery and decentralized battlefield leadership. The fighting took place on three different fronts:

  • the Sinai Front
  • the Jordanian Front
  • the Golan Heights

Each presented its own unique set of tactical and terrain challenges, from the long-range battles between massed Egyptian and Israeli armor in the scorching flatlands of the Sinai Desert, to relatively close-quarters engagements across steep and narrow terrain in the Golan Heights.

The contents of this book are:

  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Design and Development
  • The Strategic Situation
  • Technical Specifications
  • The Combatants
  • Combat Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Not only did the Six-Day War see the direct clash of opposing Cold War tactical approaches, but also the direct confrontation of Western and Soviet Main Battle Tanks (MBTs). On the Israeli side, the Israeli Defense Force had the British Centurion, the American M48 Patton, the M51 Super Sherman, and the French AMX-13, although they focused their armored spearheads on the Centurions and Pattons. The Arabs’ armored power was expressed through T-34/85s, T-54/55s, PT-76s and JS-3s (IS-3s). Each vehicle brought its own set of advantages and disadvantages, although ultimately it was the long-range tank-killing gunnery of the Centurion that often took the day.


Duel 110, Arab Armor vs Israeli Armor, is a book for the Modeler, Wargamer and Historian with an interest in the Six Day War.  From the excellent pictures, drawings and line cutaways of some of the vehicles, combined with the excellent descriptions that are provided with the drawings, you receive a tremendous look at the weapon systems that are used in each of the armies.  For the modeler, the pictures can be used as guides for vignettes or dioramas.  They can also use the pictures and drawings to improve their models.  The wargamer can use the book as reference material for wargaming the Six Day War.  No matter how this book is used, whether by the Historian, Wargamer, or Modeler, it will be an excellent addition to their library.

This book is available from Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour – Osprey Publishing

Paperback $22.00
eBook (ePub) $17.60
eBook (PDF) $17.60


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