Dr. Mike’s Model – n’ Crafter’s Glue


In today’s world of modeling, all modelers use Cyanoacrylate glues to adhere the parts of their projects. These glues have the beneficial properties of instant adhesion and the detrimental property of drying quickly when exposed to the air. Arriving on the scene is Dr. Mike’s Cyanoacrylate glue that remains in a liquid state until pressure is placed on the two surfaces to be cemented together. Once the two pieces are pressed together, it then dries in a relatively fast time.

How many times have you left the cap off the bottle while holding two small pieces together, coming back to find the spout clogged with dried glue? How many times have you used Cyanoacrylate glue for a couple of months only to find that you now have a solid block of dried glue within the bottle, even though you diligently replaced the cap after every use? The property of this glue is that it can be left uncapped for extended periods of time without the glue drying in the bottle. Dr. Mike’s is guaranteed not to solidify for eight months. In speaking with Dr. Mike, he revealed that one user had left the bottle uncapped for an extended period without the glue becoming a solid mass.

This glue can be used to attach most materials to one another. Modelers can use the glue to attach Photo-Etch parts to a plastic model or one Photo-Etch part to another without soldering. Model Railroaders can attach solid brass accessories to plastic bodied railway equipment. One of the demonstrations that Dr. Mike illustrated at Cold Wars this year was the repair of a 15mm German armored car, whose body was made of resin and the wheels cast in white metal. After applying the “Lightning Blast” accelerator to the resin body, the wheel assemblies were put in place. After this, a small amount of the glue was placed on the part and capillary action drew it into the seam and the wheels were attached to the vehicle. This same procedure was used to attach the crew members to the vehicle.

The “Lightning Blast” accelerator comes with a built-in brush for applying the liquid to the surfaces to be glued. The instructions tell the user to allow the brushed-on liquid to evaporate before applying the glue to the seam. The “Lightning Blast” comes packed separately or with a bottle of filler.

For further information on these and other Dr. Mike’s products, visit their website at Dr. Mikes Glue. At the current time, Dr. Mikes website appears to be non-functional. A few other companies that sell Dr. Mikes Products are:



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