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Dominant Species Third Edition from GMT Games

Dominant Species
Third Edition


Dominant Species was originally published in 2010 and is a game that can be played between 2 and 6 players. Since the original game has been published, it has won all types of awards and a large number of number of reviews have been written. All one has to do is Google “Dominant Species Review” to locate a large number of them. What I will look at here is only the Third Edition printing of the Dominant Species Euro style game which with its new graphics, is undoubtedly the best version yet. Chad Jensen’s Dominant Species and been lauded as an extremely good game since its initial release that offers gamers a unique challenge. The major differences in this third edition are with the physical components not the rules. These components have to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. GMT Games has spared no effort in improving the physical qualities of the game.

If you are familiar with the game, the first difference you will see is when you unfold the map. Below is a look at the maps new graphics.

Also, the tiles used in the game are a bit glossier and have new backgrounds. The game cards and tokens have new artwork which are improvements over the original game. Below are examples of the new cards that are included with Dominant Species.

In Summary, the Third Edition of Dominant Species is the best yet. If you have the first or second editions, don’t feel betrayed as GMT Games offers an upgrade with all of the new components which are:

  • Game Board
  • Card Deck
  • Tile/Counter Sheets
  • Rulebook
  • Player Aids

For those who have not yet jumped onto the Dominant Species bandwagon, I would recommend purchasing the Third Edition or if you can get a good buy on an earlier edition, purchase that and upgrade. The MSRP for Dominant Species from GMT Games website are:

For additional information on this Dominant Species Third Edition or the upgrade, click here.

Dominant Species Upgrade Kit $55.00

Dominant Species 3rd Edition $79.00

Available from GMT Games

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