D-Total – Eleven Dice in one


Available from Gamescience

Dice! Dice! Dice! If you play games of any kind they are a constant requirement. Not only the usual six-sided kind, but three-sided, four-sided, ten-sided and twenty-sided as well. The D-Total is a twenty four-sided die approximately two inches in diameter. Each of the twenty-four faces contains seven numbers. The middle number on the face is a digit from one to twenty-four, your twenty-four sided die. This number in the center is also used to replicate a two-sided, a ten-sided and a twenty-sided die. For the two-sided die use the even numbers as the two and the odd numbers as the one. For the 10 sided die only use the numbers from one to twenty, re-rolling anything above 20, two number for each of the ten digits. Using the same numbers for the twenty-sided die re-rolling numbers above 20.


At the 12 o’clock position is a pentagon with a number between one and twelve, making a twelve-sided die. At the three o’clock position is a triangle with a number from one to four, your four-sided die. Next to the triangle are pips from one to three, denoting the three-sided die. Just below the triangle is a Roman numeral from one to five, the five-sided die. At the six o’clock position is a square containing the numbers from one to six, a normal s-x sided die. At the nine o’clock position is a diamond numbered one through eight, the eight-sided die. Between the square and the diamond is printed a number from one to seven, the seven-sided die.

This may all seem confusing at first, to make things easier the die comes with a chart explaining each of the dice recreated on its body. I can tell you that after playing with this die for a while, you will need the chart less and less. The first time I examined the die and had it explained to me confusion was the rule rather than the exception. However after rolling it a number of times I found it relatively easy to remember its various anatomical quirks. If you hate to amass a large number of various kinds of dice, but play a variety of games using different types, this unit may be your long-term solution.


Available for $25.00  from Gamescience