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Customer News for September 29, 2022

This issue features the release of American Tank Ace, along with our new Kickstarter campaign for Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud. Read on to learn more about our latest pre-orders, and be sure to sign up for this year’s Compass Games Expo. More than 80 attendees have already registered!

Finally, we invite you to join our live broadcast tonight, Thurs, September 29. You won’t want to miss tonight’s new game announcements!

Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud live on Kickstarter!
A historic simulation game for one to four players, depicting clan warfare typical in New Zealand before European colonization.
Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud live on Kickstarter!
Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud is a 1-4 player card-driven, strategic level game where players compete to become New Zealand’s sole Paramount Chief.

Players collect resources, train their populations, and fortify new villages to expand across the islands and recruit neighboring iwi (or tribes). Where you choose to focus your people and resources will play a crucial role in the game’s power struggle. However your strategy can quickly be derailed by the uncertainty of event cards.

Will your be the last chief standing?


Since our last newsletter, we’ve got not one, not two, but THREE new preorder game titles to share with you. Check them out below!

Europe in Turmoil II: The Interbellum Years now on Preorder!
Europe in Turmoil II: The Interbellum Years now on Preorder
Europe in Turmoil II: The Interbellum Years, 1920-1939 is a two-player card-driven game simulating the political events in Europe between the First and Second World Wars. Players assume the role of respectively the moderate Left Wing and moderate Right Wing politicians in the Nation-states of Europe, striving with their counterparts for political dominance while simultaneously using and ignoring their own extreme wings. Players will alternate playing event cards trying to influence the various nations of Europe. Events refer to the rise of power of Facism in Italy and Germany, political instability in the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Disarmament and Rearmament, the ineffective League of Nations, the influence of Communist Russia on events in Western and Central Europe, the Spanish Civil War and various other historical events.
Europe in Turmoil: Prelude to The Great War, Deluxe Edition now on Preorder!
Europe in Turmoil: Prelude to The Great War, Deluxe Edition now on Preorder!
Europe in Turmoil: Prelude to The Great War, DELUXE Edition is a card-driven game set at the beginning of the 20th Century in which two players each assume the role of a political ideology ascendant in Europe at that time. This Deluxe edition is not simply upgraded components. We also made some changes, in order to make this a true Second Edition rather than a mere reprint. This new Deluxe version is a comprehensive update of all components to better align with the upcoming Europe in Turmoil II (with errata incorporated and clarifications added), including a MOUNTED map, two new player aids, and one new scenario.
Breaking the Chains 2.0 now on Preorder!
Breaking the Chains 2.0 now on Preorder!
Breaking the Chains 2.0 (BTC) simulates a hypothetical, albeit very plausible, future military conflict over the South and East China Seas around the year 2020. Current events have compelled China to employ its three aircraft carriers along with modern destroyers, amphibious ships, marines and paratroopers to assert control over the South China Sea. This new 2.0 edition features a MOUNTED map, upgraded counters, and updates for incorporating errata, colorized rules book, new Designer Notes and FAQ, and four new scenarios.
Recent Preorder Games
Check out these recent preorder games.
And we’re just getting started!
WWII Commander: Market-Garden
WWII Commander: Market-Garden
Brief Border Wars 2
Brief Border Wars 2
Seapower & The State
Seapower & The State
American Tank Ace now shipping!
Command U.S. tanks through WWII Europe in this solitaire game. Make tactical decisions and control the actions of your crew to survive.
American Tank Ace now shipping!
American Tank Ace: Europe, 1944-45 is a solitaire tank combat game set in WW2, where the player commands one of 9 models of an M4 Sherman tank or an M26 Pershing. Outgunned, the player must use every trick available to survive in combat against the heavier German tanks while avoiding German AT and Panzerfaust fire. Designed by Gregory M. Smith.
Upcoming Game Releases
Schnell Boats
Schnell Boats
Lead squadrons of German Kriegsmarine torpedo boats or experimental turbojet-powered hydrofoil boats on missions in the English Channel.
Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud
Māori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud
A historic simulation game for 1-4 players, depicting clan warfare typical in New Zealand before European colonization.
Compass Games Expo 2022
November 10-14, 2022
Comfort Inn & Suites, Meriden, CT
Register today for Compass Games Expo 2022!
Compass Games invites you to celebrate the hobby with fellow gaming enthusiasts at our annual gaming event, Compass Games Expo 2022!

Compass Games Expo 2022 will be held at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Meriden, CT over Veterans Day Weekend (Nov. 10-14, 2022). We have secured a special group rate for all attendees which includes complimentary breakfast.

80+ Attendees already registered! Check out our Expo page for more details.

NEWSFLASH: Doors will now be opening one day early (Wed afternoon, Nov. 9)

Next Live Broadcast
Compass Games Live, Episode 81
Join our Live Broadcast
Thursday, September 29 @ 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm PacificWe hope you can join our live broadcast scheduled for tonight, Thursday, September 29 @ 8 pm Eastern. Join us for the latest company news and updates. We will be announcing several new preorder games.

Click on links below to set a reminder and watch the live stream.

Watch on Facebook
Watch on Facebook
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Compass Games Town Hall, Episode 52
September 22, 2022 — Episode #52

Compass Games Live

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Compass Games on VASSAL
Check out the VASSAL module library for Compass Games! Here are four new modules that are now available for download:

How to play wargames on VASSAL
Don’t know how to play games on VASSAL? No problem. Check out this video tutorial by Ardwulf’s Lair.
No Peace Without Honor!
No Peace Without Honor!
No Peace Without Honor (NPWH) is a two-player game depicting Louis XIV’s earliest European wars, the War of Devolution 1667-68, the Dutch War 1672-78 and the War of the Réunions 1679-1684. While this is a complete game on its own, combined with Nine Years War and No Peace Without Spain, players can refight the entire wars of Louis XIV in one grand campaign from 1668 to 1713.
Pacific Tide, 2nd Edition
Pacific Tide, 2nd Edition
Pacific Tide, 2nd Edition is a compact, strategic-level game covering the struggle between the United States and Japan in WWII by game designer, Gregory M. Smith. This game utilizes a unique and fast-paced, card-driven combat/build system revolving around carrier operations which provides players with a multitude of decisions. While extremely competitive as a two-player game, Pacific Tide can be enjoyed  in solitaire play format with its unique, “personality” driven bot system.
Brothers at War: 1862
Brothers at War: 1862 is a quick-playing, tactical wargame exploring civil war brigade command. This is a quadrigame or set of four games, each featuring a full-size, 22×34″ game map and covering battles from 1862: Antietam, South Mountain, Mill Springs, and Bloody Valverde.
Compass Games Enthusiasts Facebook Group
Our gratitude to Mark Rugierro and David White for creating the Compass Games Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. This group is dedicated to discussing our games and is steady climbing to 2,400+ members. Lots of great comments and game play photos being shared. We want to support their efforts and ask that you join the private group today!
Learn to Play American Tank Ace
Learn to Play session
We invite you to watch our latest Learn to Play session featuring American Tank Ace with host and game designer, Gregory M. Smith. This is a video series produced by Maurice Fitzgerald, and the video couldn’t have come at a better time with the game now just shipping.

And be sure to visit our Learning Library for all our popular Learn to Play sessions.

Join us on Discord to join our upcoming live Learn to Play sessions!

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