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Customer News for June 9, 2022
This issue announces the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Test of Faith and our latest release, Enemy Action: Kharkov. We also invite you to register for Compass Games Expo 2022, and join our live broadcast tonight, Thursday, June 9 at 8 pm ET, for another action-packed Town Hall session with Bill Thomas.

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TEST OF FAITH live on Kickstarter
An OSS game using the new added rules from the Doomsday Project to show this war in a way that has not been seen before.
Test of Faith on Kickstarter
Test of Faith is the fourth game debut in the acclaimed Operational
Scale Series. Highly playable but with an emphasis on command and equipment. OSS uses an impulse system to create a challenging experience with plenty of historical narratives. Designer Adam Starkweather continues to innovate the OSS, this time incorporating new rules found in The Doomsday Project: The Battle for Germany with non-motorized units and daily turns. It offers the most comprehensive Order of Battle of any game on this conflict!And don’t miss the popular add-on items available for this campaign!
Available add-ons for Test of Faith KS campaign
The second game in John Butterfield’s acclaimed Enemy Action series of card-driven games simulating pivotal battles in World War II.
Enemy Action: Kharkov now shipping
Enemy Action: Kharkov is the second game in John Butterfield’s acclaimed Enemy Action series of card-driven games simulating pivotal battles in World War II, playable by two players or one player controlling either side in the conflict. This game portrays the Third Battle of Kharkov, the key Eastern Front battle in which the German Army ended a string of Soviet victories begun at Stalingrad. In the late winter of 1943, Soviet Operations code-named Star and Gallop drove the Germans from the city of Kharkov and threatened a complete breakthrough, only to be driven back by the German counteroffensive known as Von Manstein’s Back Hand Blow.
Compass Games Expo 2022
November 10-14, 2022
Comfort Inn & Suites, Meriden, CT
Register today for Compass Games Expo 2022!
Compass Games invites you to celebrate the hobby with fellow gaming enthusiasts at our annual gaming event, Compass Games Expo 2022!

Compass Games Expo 2022 will be held at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Meriden, CT over Veterans Day Weekend (Nov. 10-14, 2022). We have secured a special group rate for all attendees which includes complimentary breakfast.

34 Attendees already registered! Check out our Expo page for more details.

Compass Games Town Hall, Episode 45
Join our Live Broadcast
Thursday, June 9 @ 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm PacificWe hope you can join our live broadcast today, Thursday, June 9 @ 8 pm Eastern. Join us for the latest company news and updates. We also look forward to your questions and comments.

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Watch on Facebook
Watch on Facebook
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Watch on YouTube
Compass Games Town Hall, Episode 44
May 19, 2022 — Episode #44

Compass Games Town Hall

We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Watch our most recent broadcast featuring our always entertaining town hall sessions with Bill Thomas.

Upcoming Game Releases
Paper Wars, Issue 101
Paper Wars, Issue 101
featuring Case Geld: The Axis Invasion of North America, 1945-46, a mini-monster game with two maps by Ty Bomba
Test of Faith
Test of Faith
An OSS game using rules from the Doomsday Project to show this war in a way that has not been seen before
Game Restock Alert
Brotherhood & Unity
back in stock!
Brotherhood & Unity
No Peace Without Spain! 2nd Edition
back in stock!
No Peace Without Spain! 2nd Edition
The Lamps are Going Out
back in stock!
The Lamps are Going Out: World War I, 2nd Edition
NATO Designer Signature Edition
back in stock!
NATO: Designer Signature Edition
Paper Wars Magazine Subscription
subscribe today to Paper Wars, Issues 101-104

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Compass Games on VASSAL
Check out the VASSAL module library for Compass Games!
How to play wargames on VASSAL
Don’t know how to play games on VASSAL? No problem. Check out this video tutorial by Ardwulf’s Lair.
New! Video Links for Compass Games
your one-stop video source for Unboxings, Playthroughs, Reviews, Interviews, and more!
Compass Games video library
The Russian Campaign
The Russian Campaign, Original 1974 Edition, is the long anticipated remake of the original 1974 Jedko game covering the Eastern Front during World War II. This game is short on rules and playing time, and is a true wargaming classic that serves as a great introductory wargame. This game also includes optional rules covering some of the advancements introduced in the Russian Campaign II release by Jedko.
The African Campaign
The African Campaign, Designer Signature DELUXE Edition, marks the return of a true wargaming classic by John Edwards, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, supersized edition featuring a MOUNTED game map and thicker game counters. Celebrated by many as “Afrika Korps done right,” this two-player game allows players to explore the key elements of the Desert War.
Barbarians at the Gates
Barbarians at the Gates
Barbarians at the Gates is a card-driven game by game designer, Kris van Beurden (whose credits include Europe in Turmoil) for two players set during the final century of the Western Roman Empire. The Roman player commands the Roman legions loyal to the failing central authority and those Germanic peoples who have settled peacefully inside the Roman Empire, while the Barbarian player leads Usurper Emperors, and controls the migrations of the savage Germanic peoples, who are the Barbarians at the Gates.
Compass Games Enthusiasts Facebook Group
Our gratitude to Mark Rugierro and David White for creating the Compass Games Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. This group is dedicated to discussing our games and is steady climbing to 2,000+ members. Lots of great comments and game play photos being shared. We want to support their efforts and ask that you join the private group today!
Learn to Play Enemy Action: Kharkov
Learn to Play session
We invite you to watch our latest Learn to Play session featuring Enemy Action: Kharkov with host and game designer, John Butterfield. This is a video series produced by Maurice Fitzgerald.

And be sure to visit our Learning Library for all our popular Learn to Play sessions.

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Compass Games on Discord
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