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News from Compass Games
Customer News for February 9, 2023
This issue features the release of Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea and don’t miss our Kickstarter for The Doomsday Project: Episode 2, The Battle for the Balkans.

Be sure to sign up for Compass Games Expo Spring 2023 and we hope to see you at our town hall broadcast airing live tonight, Thursday, Feb 9 @ 8 pm ET.

Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea now shipping!
A solitaire game simulating the largest carrier battle in history, fought during the invasion of Saipan in June 1944.
Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea is a solitaire simulation of the largest carrier battle in history, fought during the invasion of Saipan (June, 1944). As the U.S. commander, you maneuver your task forces and conduct air searches in a tension-packed contest to find the Japanese carriers before they locate and attack yours. The game is based on Carrier (Victory Games, 1990) but is a new, standalone game featuring nine scenarios. Game design by Jon Southard.
Doomsday Project 2: Balkans live on Kickstarter!
The 2nd game in the Doomsday series (OSS), this episode covers the southern front of Europe and introduces all new political rules!
The Doomsday Project: Episode 2, The Battle for the Balkans is the fourth game in the “OSS” system; and the second game in the Doomsday series. This game will cover the battle for the southern front of Europe. The map will stretch from Northern Italy to the Bosporus and all the nations that could have fought in this area will be represented in the game.
This series is made to be highly playable and to be completed in far shorter a time that is common for this size game. Low counter density and a concentration on conceptual complexity is the focus of this series. While still mechanically simple, The Doomsday Project will also have all the necessary rules to cover this theater and period.Contend with the heads of state in the unpredictable Balkans with new political rules!
Tonight’s Live Broadcast
Join our Live Broadcast
Thursday, February 9 @ 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm PacificJoin us for our town hall with Bill & Billy Thomas. Join the live broadcast for your chance to win a FREE game!

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Mounted Maps upgrade for Bitter Woods Designer Edition
Now available for preorder!
Mounted Map Pack (2 maps) for Designer Edition Bitter Woods. Upgrade your play experience by enjoying this mounted map set. Please note the game includes paper maps. This product is a game component only; Designer Edition Bitter Woods ownership is required.
Now Available
Combat! Volume One
Combat! Volume Two
Upcoming Releases
1812! War on the Great Lakes Frontier
A card-driven strategy game that simulates the naval and land actions fought on and around the Great Lakes of North America during The War of 1812.
Doomsday Project 2: Balkans
The 2nd game in the Doomsday series (OSS), this episode covers the southern front of Europe and introduces all new political rules!
Compass Games Expo Spring 2023
May 18-22, 2023
Comfort Inn & Suites, Meriden, CT
30 Registered Attendees and Growing!
Compass Games Expo now takes place twice per year!

Coming upon the heels of a successful Compass Games Expo 2022, we are pleased to announce we are expanding our venue to twice per year — Spring and Fall!
We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for Compass Games Expo Spring 2023!

Enjoy the same great format twice per year. The festivities kick off on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at the Comfort Inn & Suites, Meriden, CT.

Recent Preorder Games
Check out these recent preorder games.
The Kaiser’s High Seas Fleet
GRANT: The Western Campaign of 1862
Galaxy Force
Europe in Turmoil II: Interbellum Years
Europe in Turmoil Deluxe Edition
Breaking the Chains 2.0
WWII Commander: Market-Garden
Brief Border Wars 2
Seapower & The State
Compass Games on VASSAL
Check out the VASSAL module library for Compass Games! Here are our newest modules, now available for download:
How to play wargames on VASSAL
Don’t know how to play games on VASSAL? No problem. Check out this video tutorial by Ardwulf’s Lair.
Our gratitude to Mark Rugierro and David White for creating the Compass Games Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. This group is dedicated to discussing our games and is steady climbing to 2,800 members. Lots of great comments and game play photos being shared. We want to support their efforts and ask that you join the private group today!
Learn to Play Brothers at War
We invite you to watch our latest Learn to Play session featuring 1862: Brothers at War with game designer Chris Moeller. This is a video series produced by Maurice Fitzgerald.

And be sure to visit our Learning Library for all our popular Learn to Play sessions.

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