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Compass Games February 17th Newsletter

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Customer News for February 17, 2022

This issue features our latest release, The Third World War, along with War for America now live on Kickstarter.

We also invite you to join us tonight at 8 pm ET, Feb 17, for our live Compass Games Town Hall broadcast with Bill Thomas. Join live for your chance to win a FREE game!

The Third World War now shipping!
one of the largest and ambitious game undertakings to date covering not one but FOUR true wargaming classics by Frank Chadwick
The Third World War, Designer Signature Edition, marks one of the largest and ambitious game undertakings to date covering not one but FOUR true wargaming classics by Frank Chadwick, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, deluxe edition. Hailed by many as one of the finest and playable game series covering the NATO and Warsaw Pact, Third World War brings together all four games of the series into one, comprehensive package for all to enjoy.
War for America live on Kickstarter
The American Revolution, 1775-1782 — a two player simulation game in which either player implements his own strategy in order to win
War for America is a strategic level game based on the events during the American Revolution. It is a two-player game that shows how the conflict, which began as a civil war, erupted into a world conflict with a Great Britain that was greatly isolated. It features a new ‘Action Pulse’ and ‘Initiative System’ that builds a tension-filled game narrative as each turn will vary in length. Game design by Gilbert Collins. Also suitable for solitaire play.
Upcoming Game Releases
War for America
War for America is a strategic game game based on the events during the American Revolution.
Barbarians at the Gates
Barbarians at the Gates is a two-player, card-driven game set during the final century of the Western Roman Empire.
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How to play wargames on VASSAL
Don’t know how to play games on VASSAL? No problem. Check out this video tutorial by Ardwulf’s Lair.
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Joseph Balkoski’s St-Lô
This is Joseph Balkoski’s design from West End Games brought up to date with new rules and MUCH improved artwork. St. Lô simulates the key town where the Allies would break out from the Normandy beachhead. First published in 1986.

this game was not published by Compass Games. Compass is only selling the game as a third-party.

Combat! Volume 2
Combat! Volume 2 is an add-on module for Combat! You must have Combat! to play this expansion. Various new features have been added such as: Elite Enemies in the form of the SS, a third Squad and command elements for the Americans so Platoon Actions can be gamed with multiple players; new weapons such as the STG44, the Thompson Sub-machine gun and the Springfield 1903; and much more!
Imperial Tide
Imperial Tide: The Great War 1914-1918 is a two-player, strategic level game which places you in command of either the Allied or Central Powers during The Great War. Each turn consists of a year, during which multiple cards plays occur. These give the players movement, combats, entrenchments, and other actions. At the end of each year, players must make critical decisions in an attempt to win the war outright or to win by placing the other side in a disadvantageous position by 1918. Imperial Tide is based on the popular Pacific Tide game system by Gregory M. Smith, playable in a single evening.
Our gratitude to Mark Rugierro and David White for creating the Compass Games Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. This group is dedicated to discussing our games and is steady climbing to 1,700+ members. Lots of great comments and game play photos being shared. We want to support their efforts and ask that you join the private group today!
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Thursday, February 17 @ 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific

We hope you can join our Town Hall meeting, airing live on Thursday, Feb. 17 @ 8 pm Eastern. This session features live Q&A and a look behind-the-scenes with Compass Games. Those who join the live broadcast also have a chance to win a FREE game!

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