Command and Colors Napoleonics

Expansion #3

The Austrian Army


Available from GMT Games for $55.00

The Austrians have arrived! This expansion brings to the gameboard one of the prime enemies of the French, from the time of the revolution to the end of the Empire in 1815.The only coalition that Austria was not a part of was the Fourth between the First of July and the First of October 1806. The battles contained in this expansion cover those of the Third Coalition (April to August 1805) and the Fifth Coalition (April 1809 to October 1809). The Third Coalition ended in the Peace of Pressburg, while the Fifth ended with the Treaty of Vienna in October 1809.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Rule and Scenario Book containing 20 battle scenarios for the time period mentioned.
  • 238 Wooden Blocks for Austrian and some additional French units. The Austrian units are White, while the French units are the traditional Dark Blue.
  • 15 double-sided Terrain Overlay tiles including a castle, Church, Tower and a Walled Farm. There are also representations for 2,3 and 4-sided Field Works. Reference to the accompanying Terrain Effects chart is necessary for complete understanding of the use of these features.
  • Victory Banner tiles are provided to count up the enemy units destroyed or objectives taken, as well as the square card and tokens for units forming a “hollow square” as defense against cavalry.

New Rule

The “new rule” included in this expansion is the Battalion Mass. Formulated by the Archduke Charles in 1807, the Battalion Mass is a block-type formation to which the Austrian Line Infantry resorted when threatened by cavalry. Unlike the “hollow square” formed by a unit when threatened, the Battalion Mass left no open area in the center of the unit, harking back to the days of the Phalanx. This formation is designated by placing a “Battalion Mass” counter on the Line unit so formed, all other square rules apply to the formation.

Battles included

The 20 scenarios included with the expansion are as follows:


  • Wertingen – 8 October
  • Gunzburg – 9 October
  • Haslach – Jungingen – 11 October
  • Elchingen – 14 October
  • Mariazell – 8 November


  • Clash at Pordenone – 15 April
  • Sacile – 16 April
  • Teugen – Hausen – 19 April
  • Rohr – 20 April
  • Eggmuhl – 5 scenarios covering the actions of 21/22 April
  • Aspern – Essling – 2 scenarios, one covering the action at each village on 21 May
  • St. Michael – Leoben – 25 May
  • Wagram – 3 scenarios covering the actions on 5/6 July


As with the previous expansions in this series, ownership of the base game is necessary to provide the Gameboard, Command Cards and Dice required to play out these scenarios, as well as the majority of the French forces. This expansion continues the high standard of the playing pieces and continuing enjoyment of the gaming experience while bringing another of the major players in the Napoleonic Wars into the system. I can recommend this game to those who have a passion for the Napoleonic Era and a desire to re-create its conflicts in a format suitable for an evening of fun without becoming to complicated.