Command and Colors Napoleonics
Expansion 2 The Russians


The second expansion of the C&C Napoleonics has arrived. The Russians continues this fine series. The Russians expansion contains some 220 wooden blocks to represent the forces of Tsar Alexander and addition forces of the Emperor Napoleon.

What’s In The Box?

  • One Rule/Scenario book containing expansion rules and 20 Historical Scenarios
  • Two National Reference cards
  • Two Quick reference cards
  • A Square chart and markers, Victory markers for the Russian forces
  • One sheet plus of new Terrain Overlay Tiles
  • 220 Wooden Blocks in Russian Green and French Blue and the accompanying labels

As with the Spanish Expansion, ownership of the C&C Napoleonics base game is required to supply the map and card deck for playing the game.

The wooden blocks and the accompanying labels are up to the usual standards and make for a colorful display of the Russian Armies of the Napoleonic Wars. There are new Terrain Overlays which depict earthworks used to show the location of Redoubts on the battlefield. Additionally, there are Terrain overlays for a Church, Marsh hexes and Lakes.

New Rule

The new rule change included is that of the “Pre-Battle Mother Russia Rule”. Due to the extent of time involved in the mobilization of the Russian Army, many campaigns start with only the standing army at full strength. This rule allows the Russian player to role dice equal to the number of Command Cards in his hand. For each Infantry Symbol he/she may add one block to any one of his Line Infantry units, bringing it up to “Paper Strength”. Cavalry symbols add a block to Cossack Units, etc. The use of the “Mother Russia Rule” is specified in the instructions for the scenario being played.


There are 20 Scenarios supplied with the expansion. These cover battles in which the Russians participated in 1806, three scenarios depict the phases of the important battle of Eylau in 1807, some four depicting the phases of the Battle of Borodino, as well as other battles during the Russian invasion, and lastly, during the 1814 race to throttle Napoleon and the French Empire.

The Scenarios provided with the game are;

  • Czarnowo – 23 December 1806
  • Golymin – 26 December 1806
  • Pultusk – 26 December 1806
  • Mohrungen – 25 January 1807
  • Eylau Plateau Russian Rearguard – 7 February 1807
  • Eylau – 8 February 1807 (8AM to Noon)
  • Eylau – 8 February 1807 (Murat’s Cavalry Charge)
  • Heilsberg (Opening Phase) – 10 June 1807
  • Friedland – 14 June 1807
  • Borodino – 5 September 1812 (Shevardino Redoubt)
  • Borodino – 7 September 1812 (Village of Borodino)
  • Borodino – 7 September 1812 (Utitza)
  • Borodino – 7 September 1812 (Raevski Redoubt)
  • Polotsk – 18 October 1812
  • Maloyaroslavets – 24 October 1812
  • Krasnoi – 17 November 1812
  • Crossing the Berezina – 27/28 November 1812
  • Champaubert – 10 February 1814
  • Montmirail – 11 February 1814
  • Craonne – 7 March 1814


All in all this is an excellent addition to the depiction of the Napoleonic Wars growing in the C&C Napoleonics collection. I can highly recommend this Expansion to that developing genre of games and hope that all gamers get as much enjoyment out of it as I have.

This game is available from GMT Games

MSRP $60.00