58 – 52 BC

Roman Legionary


Gallic Warrior

Combat 55 Roman Legionary Vs Gallic Warrior
Combat 55 Roman Legionary Vs Gallic Warrior

Author David Campbell
Illustrator Raffaele Ruggeri

This is the 55th book in the Combat Series of books available from Osprey Publications.  This 80 page book takes a short, but in depth look, at two of the major protagonists of the Ancient World.  The Table of Contents of this book is:

  • Introduction
  • The Opposing Sides
  • Origins
  • Recruitment and Morale
  • Training, Tactics and Weapons
  • Communications and Leadership
  • Bibracte 28 June 58 BC
  • The Sabis 13 August 57 BC
  • Alesia August – October 52 BC
  • Analysis
  • Aftermath
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Fully illustrated, this study looks at the Roman and Gallic forces pitched into combat in three of the major battles of the period which are:

  • Bibracte (58 BC)
  • Sabis (57 BC)
  • Gergovia/Alesia (52 BC)

Although charismatic Gallic leaders did rise up such as Dumnorix of the Aedui and later Vercingetorix of the Arverni, they proved no match for the capable leadership of the Roman Armies.  While the Gallic Leaders proved to be men capable of bringing together the tribal forces that had the prospect of checking Caesar’s ambitions in the bloodiest of ways, it would not be enough. For Caesar his war against the Gauls provided him with enormous power and the springboard he needed to make Rome his own, though his many domestic enemies would ensure that he did not long enjoy his success.


Combat 55 is an excellent look at the Roman Army during the age of the Caesarian period versus the Gallic troops of the same period.  Looking at the three battles, you can see how the Caesarian troops prevailed with their superior fighting skills and tactics.  The illustrated maps, and numerous pictures compliments the written description and adds to the depth of understanding of the book.  The color plates of the of the Roman Legionary’s uniforms is an excellent addition for the uniformologist.

Combat 55, Roman Legionary Versus Gallic Warrior is a book for the historian, the Wargamer, and Figure Painter of the Roman period between 58 – 52 BC.  It is an excellent book that takes you on a ride through this special time in Roman History.

This book is available from Roman Legionary vs Gallic Warrior – Osprey Publishing.

The book is available in 3 different formats which are:

Paperback $22.00
eBook (ePub) $17.60
eBook (PDF) $17.60