Special Operations Missions 1940–2010


Force on Force 8

Author: Ambush Alley Games

Illustrator: Ramiro Bujeiro

This paperback book is number 8 in the Force on Force series of expansions available from Osprey Publishing.

From covert actions against insurgent groups and daring sabotage missions to precision strikes against fortified positions and reconnaissance deep behind enemy lines, the Special Forces units deployed by many nations are the spearhead of modern combat operations. Classified, the latest companion volume for Force on Force, allows wargamers to recreate any and all of them. With detailed background information, extensive orders of battle for the world’s preeminent Special Forces units, and a range of scenarios, Classified gives Force on Force players a detailed and realistic experience of modern special operations missions across the globe.

The contents of this book are:

  • Author’s Notes
  • Introduction
  • Special Rules for Special Operations Forces (SOF)
  • Scenarios
  • Historical Scenarios
  • Generic Scenarios
  • Hollywood Scenarios
  • A Selection of Current Special Operations Forces
  • Miniatures Guide
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  • Bibliography
  • Artwork References

Classified for the Force on Force rules adds a new dimension of gaming for players who use Force on Force. The SOF are the elite of the armed forces and placing them in their own scenarios is a unique challenge. Classified successfully accomplishes this task by providing the reader with interesting background information, how the table should be “laid out” and includes any special rules that maybe required to successfully play the scenario. If you use the Force on Force rules on your gaming table, Classified is a supplement you may not want to pass up.

This book is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM Osprey Publications.