War of the States Series


Avalanche Press

Chickamauga and Chattanooga covers the campaign in the West from September 1863 to November 1863, culminating in the Battle of Missionary Ridge. I can recommend this game to Civil War buffs as an area not overly treated in other games. The battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga had a marked influence on the careers of Grant and Thomas.

The scale of the game one inch on the map is approximately 300 meters, one Infantry Strength Point represents 500 men, one Cavalry Strength Point 400 men and each Artillery strength point represents four guns. Each turn represents one hour in daylight situations and two hours in darkness.

The system is based on an area map, instead of the usual hexagonal grid. Losses are assessed via a multi-counter, step system. Combat is resolved utilizing one die for each strength point, plus or minus morale, leadership and terrain modifiers. Firing is considered to be simultaneous and losses are taken only after both sides have fired. Hits are registered with a die roll of “6” on each die. Retreat is an option to taking the first loss inflicted on a unit; all other hits are removed from play.

Cavalry units have the capability of charging in a separate segment of the turn, but if used in this manner cannot move or assault in this turn. Artillery units that engage in bombardment fire cannot move in this turn as they are considered unlimbered. They are also not capable of offensive assault attacks.

All movement and combat must be conducted from units within the command radius of their corps commander, he in turn, must be within the command radius of the army commander. No superior leader may issue commands directly to the troops of a subordinate. Units outside of command radius may not move but may try to activate themselves through initiative and the direct expenditure of action points.

Stacking is used throughout the game, in normal areas no more than 13 strength points is permitted, this may be combined from one large infantry unit and any other units to the maximum. Circle two areas permit 21 strength points with a maximum of two large infantry counters. Circle three limits are 25 strength points and maximum of three large infantry counters.

The action is relatively fast paced and there is enough room on the map to engage in turning movements and the routing of opposing corps. This game is fun to play and includes separate scenarios for two days of Chickamauga and a campaign game of the entire battle. The Chattanooga scenarios come into play after the Union had been in the city for some time. There is also a Grand Campaign scenario utilizing both maps covering the complete two months.