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Caesar’s Legions 28mm Plastic Miniatures

Caesar’s Legions , The first figures from Wargames Factory have arrived and they are impressive. The first produced are the figures of Romans of the Late Republican...

Hail Caesar

  Hail Caesar By Rick Priestley Available from Warlord Games The newest set of miniature gaming rules for battles with ancients is not available from Warlord Games. This...

Wargaming on a Budget – Gaming Constrained By Money Or Space

  Wargaming on a Budget Gaming Constrained By Money Or Space Written by Iain Dickie Published by Pen & Sword Military Books   Wargaming on a Budget is a book...

Black Powder, The Last Argument of King’s

  Black Powder The Last Argument of King's Fighting the Black Powder Battles in the 18th Century Written by Pete Brown Black Powder, “The Last Argument of Kings”, is...

Donald Featherstone’s and Keith Robinson’s, Battles with Model Tanks, Wargaming 1914 – 1975

Donald Featherstone’s and Keith Robinson’s Battles with Model Tanks Wargaming 1914 – 1975 Written by Donald Featherstone and Keith Robinson Edited by John Curry That’s right, you are...

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