Military Uniforms, Visual Encyclopedia,


By Chris McNab

Available from Casemate Publishing

This volume begins with an outline of the history of the Military Uniform. Beginning in the medieval times some uniformity in the costume of fighting men was instituted, but these innovations were applied over the normal variety of clothes worn by the levies.

The advent of the Military Uniform, as we know it, came about during the 17th Century, along with the beginning of the Regimental System.

This book covers uniforms from the middle of the 18th Century through the modern uniforms of the Middle East Wars of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. There are some 650 illustrations of worldwide uniforms. The major concentration is on World War II, with some 225 pages devoted to uniforms of that period. These illustrations are in color and can function as a guide for modelers and figure painters.

This book will appeal to all military enthusiasts, but mostly to modelers and painters.

I found the illustrations well detailed and a treasure trove of information, especially for those lesser known uniforms of the smaller countries involved in World war I and II.

This book is highly recommended for military hobbyists and as a reference source of to anyone interested in the history of the military uniform.