The Falklands Naval Campaign 1982
War in the South Atlantic

Campaigns 361 The Falklands Naval Campaign 1982


Edward Hampshire


Graham Turner

This 95 page paperback book is the 361st book in the Campaign series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.

The Falklands Conflict was remarkable for many reasons: it was a hard fought, bloody and short conflict between a leading NATO power and one of the most capable armed forces in South America; it demonstrated the capabilities of a range of cutting-edge technologies including nuclear-powered attack submarines, Exocet missiles and Sea Harrier VSTOL aircraft; and it was fought many thousands of miles away from the Royal Navy’s home bases.

In this illustrated study, renowned naval historian Dr Edward Hampshire draws upon the latest available sources to offer a comprehensive examination of the Falklands naval campaign. Blow-by-blow accounts of key engagements, such as the sinking of the General Belgrano, the loss of HMS Sheffield, and the landings at San Carlos Bay, are presented alongside lesser known but equally important naval operations that helped shape the outcome of the conflict.

The contents of this book are:

  • Origins of the Campaign Chronology
  • Opposing Commanders
    • British
    • Argentine
  • Opposing Forces
  • Opposing Plans
  • The Campaign
    • From South Georgia to San Carlos: invasion and the sea phase
    • The Battle of San Carlos: the bridgehead phase
    • From San Carlos to Stanley: supporting the land phase
  • Aftermath
  • The Battlefield Today
  • Bibliography
  • Index


The Falklands Naval Campaign, 1982 is an excellent and concise look at the South Atlantic Naval Campaign during the Falkland Island War of 1982. Historians will love this book for its concise 95 page look at the naval war that took place in the South Atlantic. Also, the Historian will enjoy the presentation of the subject matter that should entice the Historian into further reading. The modeler will enjoy this book because of all of the photographs and drawings of the ships. The wargamer will enjoy adding this book to their library. Plus, the naval wargamer will glean some ideas for modern scenarios that they can us in their own modern naval wargames.

This book is available from Osprey Publications.




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