Caesar’s Legions


The first figures from Wargames Factory have arrived and they are impressive.

The first produced are the figures of Romans of the Late Republican Armies, Caesar’s Legions. These figures are specifically designed for use with the Osprey Field of Glory miniature rules. The box is available from, the Manufacturer at $29.95 and contains 48 figures. These include 3 Centurions, 3 Optios (he’s the second in command of the Century), 3 Musicians, 3 Signifiers and 36 Legionaries. This is enough figures to produce 3 Roman Battle groups under the FOG rules.


The figures are all molded from hard polystyrene, and consist of the body, two separate arms and separate heads so you can vary the poses of your troops. Some of the arms for the Legionaries hold a Gladius others hold the Pilum. Along with the sprues that contain the troops are separate sprues that contain the shields carried by the troops. Included in the box are 48 shield transfers that can be applied to the afore mentioned shield, or you can just paint them yourself.


The company is also in the process of producing Celts to oppose your Romans. Once you remove the Romans from the box, don’t toss it out. Printed on the box are two tents that need to be cut out and put together, remember in FOG you need to have a camp as a base of operations. There are also some markers for Disrupted, Fragmented and Routed to be used with your Roman Battle groups. If you are not into Miniature Wargaming, these figures can be used for display and diorama work as well.


I am quite pleased with these figures and cannot wait for future additions to this line.