Bf110 vs Lancaster 1942-45

bf110 vs Lancaster book cover

Author: Robert Forczyk


Illustrators: Jim Laurier Gareth Hector


This 80 page paperback is book number 51 in the Duel series of books from Osprey Publishing

The RAF introduced the Avro Lancaster in 1942 and used it to spearhead this aerial offensive. In response, the Luftwaffe created an elite nightfighter force based primarily upon the Bf 110. The Luftwaffe was quick to equip it with airborne radar that allowed it to intercept and destroy Lancasters over Germany. In turn, the RAF adopted countermeasures such as the Monica rearward-looking radar to alert Lancaster crews to the approach of nightfighters. In May 1943 the Luftwaffe suddenly developed a novel technical and tactical approach to attacking RAF bombers. The new tactic proved amazingly successful, and British bombers could be attacked from below with no warning. For its part, the RAF failed to detect the new German tactic for six crucial months, during which time its Lancaster bombers were almost defenseless against this new threat. In time, however, the German advantage of surprise was lost and the RAF developed countermeasures to deal with the new threat. The duel between upgraded Bf 110s and Lancasters in the night skies over Germany became increasingly dominated by cutting-edge technology, which would determine the efficacy of strategic bombing.

The contents of this book are;

  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Design and Development
  • Technical Specifications
  • The Strategic Situation
  • The Combatants
  • Combat
  • Statistics and Analysis
  • Aftermath
  • Further Reading
  • Index

This is an excellent book for the modeler or diorama builder with all of the detail drawings and photographs. Within the pages you are provided with detailed drawings of the Bf110 and Lancaster cockpits. Combine this with all of the other information provided and you have a reference work that is colorful and informative.

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