Battle For Moscow
2nd Edition

Battlesson #7


Game Design by Frank Chadwick


The Battle for Moscow is the name that has been given to the battles that took place on a 370 mile area on the Eastern Front during World War II. These battles occurred between October 1941 and January 1942 and blunted the German attacks with stubborn Soviet Russia defenses as they tried to take Moscow. Moscow was one of the primary military and political objectives of the German army during their invasion of Russia.

The original version of Battle for Moscow was designed in 1986 by Frank Chadwick. Frank researched, designed, and wrote the first edition rules. The original game was envisioned to be an Introductory Wargame that would be used to introduce new gamers to this wonderful world of wargaming. To this end, when it was first published, it was packaged with “A Beginners Guide to Wargaming” and provided newcomers a look into this fascinating hobby. I am sure it was given away at many wargame conventions of the time and it introduced many new gamers into the Boardgaming wargaming world.

In 2009 Alan Emrich (who also was instrumental in testing the original game) did considerable work on the original game and released it as the Second Edition. He also included a one sheet Battlesson Supplement known as “About Wargames”. In this Supplement the reader learns some of the basics of this hobby, best way to learn the game and some strategies they can employ. What you are reading about now is the 2nd Edition which is the result of many years of experience and a passion not only for this title, but for this type of game format.


The Game

First of all I want to say right up front that Battle for Moscow, and its Expansion, are both introductory games. They are wargames on the simplest level and are the best type of game to introduce new players into this fascinating wargame hobby. While the Sequence of Play consists of 9 phases, they are simple and are memorized in a very short amount of time.

The Sequence of Play is;

  • German Replacement Phase
  • German (Special) Panzer Movement Phase
  • German Combat Phase
  • German Movement Phase
  • Russian Replacement Phase
  • Russian (Special) Rail Movement Phase
  • Russian Combat Phase
  • Russian Movement Phase
  • Housekeeping Phase

The Victory Conditions in Battle for Moscow are simplicity itself. The Germans win if they control Moscow by game turn 7. The Russians win if they control Moscow and one other Russian city at the end of game turn 7.


Game Components

The main games components are of excellent quality. In this game you receive;

  • One 4-page, color Standard Rules booklet
  • 40 color, two-sided die-cut 5/8” mounted pieces (counters)
  • One 11” x 17” color game map with tables
  • 1 Player Aid sheet
  • 1 BATTLESSONTM sheet
  • With the Expansion, Battlesson #7 you receive;
  • Eight 5/8″ square pieces (counters)
  • 1 plastic High Tide token
  • 1 Player aid mat overlay/extension
  • 1 Set Up map / Designer’s Notes by Frank Chadwick
  • 1 Rules sheet

The rules are well written and explain all the facets of the game. Items such as Zones of Control, Movement, and Combat are explained in detail with excellent examples given. Other items covered in the rules are your sides Replacements and the Reinforcements that are given in the games. The final item you are told about is the MUD turns, and if you know the history of the battles, then you know I am speaking about mud, as in dirt and rain.


Battle for Moscow is another fantastic introductory wargame from Victory Point Games. As with Trenches of Valor, it is a game that can easily be learned in a short amount of time. The BfM Expansion adds new life to the standard game with the addition of new rules and a few additional counters. When players want to increase the complexity, all they need to do is add the Expansion. The strategy and tactics that players discovered in the standard game are will be modified with the Expansion, providing them with a new set of challenges to which they will need to find the answers. New comers to the hobby will definitely enjoy this game today, as much as it was enjoy over 25 years ago when it was first introduced. Well done VPG, keep it coming.

MSRP $14.95 and $7.95