Armies of Julius Caesar 58–44 BC from Osprey Publications

Armies of Julius Caesar 58–44 BC




Raffaele D’Amato

Francois Gilbert


Florent Vincent

The Armies of Julius Caesar, 58–44 BC, is a 48-page paperback book that is the 241st book in the Elite series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.


Gaius Julius Caesar remains the most famous Roman general of all time. Although he never bore the title, historians since Suetonius have judged him to be, in practice, the very first ’emperor’ – after all, no other name in history has been synonymous with a title of imperial rule. Caesar was a towering personality who, for better or worse, changed the history of Rome forever. His unscrupulous ambition was matched only by his genius as a commander and his conquest of Gaul brought Rome its first great territorial expansion outside the Mediterranean world. His charismatic leadership bounded his soldiers to him not only for expeditions ‘beyond the edge of the world’ – to Britain – but in the subsequent civil war that raised him to ultimate power. What is seldom appreciated, however is that the army he led was as varied and cosmopolitan as those of later centuries, and it is only recently that a wider study of a whole range of evidence has allowed a more precise picture of it to emerge. Drawing on a wide range of new research, the authors examine the armies of Julius Caesar in detail, creating a detailed picture of how they lived and fought.


Wounded Aeneas In A 1st Century Roman Fresco


  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Organization of the Consular Army
    • Legiones
    • Caesar’s legionarii
    • Equites
    • Caesar’s bodyguards
  • Command Structure
    • Legati
    • Praefecti
    • Quaestores
    • Tribuni andcontubernales
    • Centuriones
    • Other ‘non-commissioned’ officers
    • Socii auxiliaries
    • Elephants
  • Arms and Equipment
    • Shafted weapons
      • the pilum
      • gaesum
      • hasta
    • Swords
    • Daggers
    • Belts
    • Helmet Types – Details
    • Body protection
      • ringmail
      • organic armors
      • under-armor garments
      • metalic armors
    • Shields
      • the scutum
      • the clipeus
    • Equipment of socii auxiliaries
      • Germanics
      • Celts
      • Balearics
      • Cretans
      • Iberians
      • Greeks
    • Other equipment
      • Standards
      • Musical Instruments
      • Cavalry Equipment
    • Clothing


Weapons From Alesia Germanic & Roman


Caesar, the best and most famous dictators of Rome from 58 BC to 44 BC was one of the best known emperor of the Ancient world. Under Caesar’s rule, not only were his military campaigns studied with great significance but also Caesar’s administrative duties were closely observed.

The Armies of Julius Caesar paperback book is a superb look into this phenomenal leader of the Ancient World. The Military Historian, Historian, Wargamer, Modeler and Figure Painter will all equally enjoy adding this excellent book to their home library. It is full of useful information that readers will enjoy. The Military Historian and Historian will especially enjoy the first three chapters which provide the reader with detailed information on Roman Chronology covered in this book as well as the structure of the Roman Army. The Wargamer and Modeler both will gain knowledge on Roman uniforms and weapons. Next, the Figure Painter and Wargamer will enjoy using this book as a reference for painting their miniatures. They can use the plates as a guide to paint either Infantry or Cavalry figures, both of which are shown in detail in this book. Finally, as you can see, no matter what your interest are, there is something here for everyone, who has an interest in Ancient Rome.

The Armies of Julius Caesar, 58–44 BC, is a 48-page paperback book that is the 241st book in the Elite series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.




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(The photographs used in this review are copied with the permission of Osprey Publications.)

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