Armies of Germany


Bolt Action 1

Armies of Germany is the first supplement army list book available for the Warlord Games’ Bolt Action World War II wargames miniatures rules. This book is specifically designed to work with these rules and outlines different units that the gamer can employ.

The supplement begins with providing the reader an overview of what is contained in the book. You are informed that within the pages you will find details of Germany’s organization and equipment from the beginning of the war with the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the final collapse at Berlin in 1945. The lists that are contained on the pages cover the main troop types, vehicles and equipment used by the German Army in World War II. Some of the items covered in this area are:

Coupled with this information you are given information on 18 Theater selectors that give the gamer details for different forces during different periods of the war.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of change in the German Army during their 6 years of war. Equipment that they began with was not the same they ended with. The Theater selectors assist the gamer in traversing this bumpy road and tries to bring some order to the chaos.

The Bolt Action Supplement #1, the German Army, is a book that any gamer who is using the Warlord Games Bolt Action miniature rules must have. It is an invaluable reference source that will help the gamer put together his German Army. The brief historical background and explanations of the units make for enjoyable reading. Combine this with the usefulness of the information and Bolt Action gamers will be building their German Armies in no time at all.

Available from Osprey Publications

MSRP $24.95