Bolt Action

Armies of France and the Allies


Author: Warlord Games
Illustrator: Peter Dennis

This 108 page paperback book is the 6th Supplement in the Osprey Publishing’s Bolt Action series of books.

World War II was truly a ‘world’ war, and many nations joined the fight against Germany and the Axis. This latest supplement for Bolt Action covers the armies of France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Holland and Belgium that stood against the German Blitzkrieg, as well as the resistance forces that sprung up in the aftermath of occupation

The Army lists included in this book for various countries are;

  • France
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Partisans

The TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) that are presented in this book for the various countries is definitely well welcomed by the Bolt Action gamers and general gamers because of all the detailed information provided. With the armies covered in this book players can set up battles in France, Norway, Poland and Greece to name a few areas that saw heavy fighting. This is an excellent addition to the Bolt Action system as this supplement fills in a need for the gamer.

MSRP US $24.95/ CAN $25.95