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Animals in the Second World War from Bloomsbury Publishing

Animals in the Second World War

Animal in the Second World War

Author Neil R. Storey

Animals of the Second World War is a 64 page paperback book and is available from Osprey Publications. As the title name states, this book is about the use of animals in World War II. Now, the first animal that may come to mind for many readers is the canine or otherwise mans best friend, the dog. But, that is not the only animal you read about in this short book. To gain a deeper understanding what’s presented, lets take a look at the Table of Contents. The Contents of this book are:

  • Introduction
  • Horses and Mules
  • War Dogs
  • Pigeons
  • All Creatures Big and Small
  • On the Home Front
  • Furry and Feathered Heroes
  • Legacies
  • Further Reading
  • Places to Visit
  • Index

Throughout the course of the First and Second World War, many millions of animals were enlisted to serve. Though they had no choice, yet they demonstrated loyalty, determination and bravery as they shared the burden of war with their human companions both on active service and at Home.

From the dogs trained to locate air-raid victims buried under rubble, to the mules that carried ammunition and supplies through the jungles of the Far East, each animal played a crucial role in the war effort. In fact, such was their contribution that those animals that showed exceptional gallantry or devotion to duty were officially recognized with the Dickin Medal in 1943. This fascinating book draws from first-hand accounts and contemporary sources to reveal the wide-ranging contributions that animals made both on and off the battlefield.

Each chapter of the book is devoted to different animals that were used during the war. You are provided with firsthand accounts of animal bravery under fire. Each account warms the readers’ heart about the self-sacrifice that the animals displayed in the pursuit of their duties.


While the book is a short 64 pages and is filled with many examples, you the reader, is left wanted to know more. This is where the “Further Reading” chapter flushes out each individual chapter of this book that is devoted to a specific animal or animals. The book is an easy read that can be read in one sitting. The enjoyment that the reader gets is palatable as you read about all our animal heroes. As an animal lover, I can highly recommend this book to readers knowing that readers will also enjoy the animal bravery that you read about between the covers of the book.

This 64-page book is available from Bloomsbury Books at Bloomsbury Publishing (US).




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