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The Ammo Crate is an extremely functional accessary for the boardgamer that is available from Lock n Load Publishing. This accessory provides the gamer with a compact storage space for the game counters. Each counter tray comes with a locking top and each section can hold approximately 25 counters depending on the counters thickness. You are provided with 3 deep counter trays in each Ammo Crate box.

The Ammo Crate Box measures 9.00 inches x 3.00 inches x 12.50 inches and fits nicely on the shelf right next to your other boxed games. There are 20 deep slots in each tray which means, at a minimum, you can hold (IMHO) approximately 500 counters, depending on the counter thickness. Obviously, if you have a game with thinner counters, you can fit more counters in each tray.

Ammo Crate 2

One major use for the Ammo Crate is with Monster Games. An example of a Monster Game is Barbarossa from Diffraction Entertainment (Home – TKC Games ( This game comes with 7840 counters which can now be sorted into multiple deep dish trays using the Ammo Crate storage system.

Another use for Ammo Crate is to store your magazines that come with games. Ammo Crate can hold 3 or 4 magazines in a single box. Now, they can both be stored in a single location which means game counters will always be stored with the games magazine.

The last two things I want to mention, is that the deep dish trays that are in the box are the only ones that I know of that lock. Now, you no longer need to worry about turning the counter tray upside down and having its contents spill all over the floor. Also, on the outside of the box there are areas where you can write about the counter tray/boxes contents and keep your games/magazines in one place. This means you can now organize your games counters and magazines which can reduce the time to setup your game because everything is now organized in one location.

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As I stated at the beginning of this review, the Ammo Crate system is an extremely functional accessory. The boardgamer is provided with three, deep dish locking trays, of twenty slots each, which means that each Ammo Crate box can hold 3 or 4 magazines with games, and the trays which can hold a total of approximately 1500 counters. While most games will not have 1500 counters, there is no reason why you cannot put the counters from multiple games or magazines into a single Ammo Crate.

No matter how you use this outstanding accessory, whether it is for storing the counters of a monster game, or multiple smaller games, or multiple magazine games, you will find it is a high quality, exceptional and functional game accessory that will be extremely useful for years storing and organizing your boardgame collection.

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