Well, if you visited our website over the Labor Day holiday, you probably saw the special offer on the front page. Here it is again.

Our good friends at Limey Yank Games – the people who offer our games up in Cyberboard, Sun Tzu or Vassal play by e-mail kits – turn 20 years old this year! To help celebrate their success, we’ve asked Paul Rohrbaugh to create a special edition Pocket Battle Game with both our logos on it called Guarding the Land: The Battle for Fort Griswold covering the British assault on Ft. Griswold on September 6th, 1781 in Connecticut.

Yes, it’s a game with both Limeys and Yanks in it!

Benedict Arnold (a Limey who became a Yank and then turned Limey again) was in overall command of British forces and this was his last combat action of the war. He was on the west side of the river busily sacking the town. A British detachment landed on the east side of the river to tackle the American defenders in Ft. Griswold. Historically, the Americans were quickly routed and there were American claims of a massacre by the British. Several poems were written later to commemorate the event.
Get this new PBG (with mounted counters) FREE with ANY order or pre-order placed with us this month. There’s no promo codes to enter, just make a purchase and it’s yours. As always, any previous sales are excluded. Click on the banner below for the full story.

To help out even more, we’ve turned on some new items for sale for this month. There’s a new PBG set called Troubled Waters (below left) with 5 of our nautically themed PBGs inside. Check it out here.











And ATO issue #60 featuring Cities of the Damned (above right) has been opened up for preorders. Check that one out here!

At The Printers And Up Next
In A.D. 1415, at the Council of Constance, Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague, two church reformers from Bohemia, were burnt at the stake for heresy. In the years that followed, outrage over the execution convulsed civil society in Bohemia, a fief of the Holy Roman Empire. Now, with Bohemia in rebellion as well as consumed by heresy, the Emperor Sigismund must wage war to both extirpate the heresy and secure his throne.

Designed by Jason Juneau, Blind Faith in ATO issue #59 depicts a classic example of asymmetric warfare, granting both players many options in waging war. The resources and position of the Imperial side are pitted against the skill and morale of the Hussite side. Storming and besieging towns become part of players’ strategies for loot and victory. This war was part of a larger sea change in warfare in Europe. Knights and peasants, artillery and threshing flails, clergy and laymen were thrown together in a war the signaled the demise of the feudal system and the universal church. You can still get this issue at the pre-order price here.

Then comes Operation Roundup which was the code name for a plan prepared by Allied forces to invade Northern France in 1943 in the Pas de Calais area. This two-player game by Ty Bomba explores the first month of this never-run plan, set in September 1943 (instead of the historical landings at Salerno in Italy).Allied forces are not the mighty invasion armada of 1944 lacking both the armored “funnies” and Mulberries that worked so well in Normandy. For the Germans at this time their “Atlantic Wall” and panzer arm are more promises of what is to come than actual impenetrable defenses.

The map area covers the French coast from around Dunkirk south to the mouth of the Somme and inland to Lille and Arras. Operation Roundup uses a standard 34″ x 22” large-hex (19mm) map and 216 medium (16mm) counters. The game is scaled at 2 miles (3.25 km) per hex, with 10 three-day game turns, and uses regiments and brigades (and a few battalions) as units of maneuver. The game system is an evolution of the classic old-SPI Cobra, simple enough to allow for a game to be completed in one sitting, and can also easily be adapted for solitaire play. You can pre-order this Annual here.

And a Reminder
We’re still getting lots of notes and e-mails from people saying “I had no idea you were getting out of the subscription business and switching to a pre-order model, what can I do to keep reading ATO?” and that’s after substantive postings here and the last two newsgrams mentioning it as well. So to reiterate, the new/renewal subscription webpages have been turned off.
We CAN still offer folks a subscription manually so long as they won’t go over the bingo expiration issue of #65. Basically, just write us an e-mail at [email protected] saying you’re interested and want a 4 issue sub (with or without the next Annual). We’ll check out if you’d go over the limit, and then use PayPal to send you a (secure) request for money, and you can use your own PayPal account to pay for it (PayPal will also allow you to use a credit card now, even if you don’t have a formal PayPal account).

OK, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!