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This newsgram with its Black Friday promotion is probably just one of a slew reaching you about now, but we do have some interesting release news to share plus a special offer of interest further below. Check it out!

What’s Old

Everyone should have gotten their copy of ATO #59 with Blind Faith inside by now. If you didn’t, please write us at [email protected] and we’ll investigate. For those that held off getting that issue, it is now available off the ATO website as a normal back issue (and eligible for the PICK 3 special offer here).

What’s New

Over the years, we’ve released some game-only editions of our sold out product line with the rules on a CD. We’ve gotten a number of gamers writing in, pointing out most computers sold today don’t have a CD drive – a fatal flaw to enjoying our release. So, we’re starting to re-release our older out of print games with printed rules. First up is The Pocket at Falaise, featured in the now out of print ATO issue #27. This is the complete game (map, counters, printed rules) but no magazine. A terrific tense game, check it out here.

What’s Coming

We’ve been holding off announcing the pick for the next Annual for a bit while we got all our ducks in order to make it happen. Pleased to say that Last Stand Games has sold us the rights to make a new edition of their long out of print game, Stalingrad: Verdun on the Volga. Here is a situation every gamer knows, and a game engine (area-impulse system) most gamers have experienced…with both offered in a clean, magazine format version of this classic game. The plan is to include everything from the LSG edition in our version except for the box and mounted maps. Indeed it may be possible to tuck in a few things more like extra scenarios and so on.

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter on December 12th to start the action going. We’ll write you again with the exact URL to access the Kickstarter once it’s up.

And About That Special Offer

Yes! Starting Friday, place any order with us over the next 4 days and get an extra quad set of Pocket Battle Games with counters tucked in with your purchase. If Germany has left us with just one word burned into the common vocabulary of war, then Angriff (Attack!) is it. Explore the German assaults on Danzig, Eben Emael, Stalingrad and Mortain with this package. No promo code required, just purchase and receive! As always, any previous sales are exempt, but you still select a 5th free PBG on your way out of checkout on our site.

Then, one last sweetener. Our Peak Courage game giveaway is still in effect while supplies last. Place an order of $73.00 or more and get a copy of Peak Courage, the 1973 Israeli assault on Mt. Hermon, tucked into your package. No code required. This offer is in addition to the 4 PBGs above so enjoy having a cornucopia (of games) on your holiday table this season!

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