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This first e-mailer of the New Year does have a time sensitive element to it so let’s get to sharing information with you right away!

What’s New

We’ve just released a new set of Pocket Battle Games on postcards you can collect in one fell swoop – this one being our Leipzig Quad. The four single games are:

Marschall “Vorwärts” – Field Marshal Blücher (Marshal “Forwards”) slams into the French rear to the northwest of Leipzig, foiling Napoleon’s plans.
“A Matter of Honor, Sire” – To the northeast, Swedish King Bernadotte withholds Coalition forces from attacking Napoleon at Leipzig — until shamed into doing so.
The Nations Assemble – Napoleon’s plan to win at Leipzig calls for a bold and total thrust south – into the Coalition’s massed might!
Trapping the Ogre – Coalition troops at Leipzig thrust north to cut off Napoleon’s only line of retreat west back to France!

Yes, get all four PBGs that you can fight as quick individual battles, or combine them all into one large campaign game with the extra rules and pieces we’re including. Click the image above or here to learn more.


What’s Still Pretty New (But Time Sensitive)!

The start of this New Year also finds us with just 10 days to go in our Kickstarter promotion for Stalingrad; Verdun on the Volga. We’ve motored through a number of Support Goals (thank you everyone) to make this package pretty sweet but remain short of one of the most desired features for our package – the double sided summer and winter map option we’ve set for raising $20K.

Looks like we need just a few pledges to break the $17.5K threshold for the next SG but probably need around 40 or so pledges (hey, that’s just 4 new ones a day) to hit $20K. If this project interests you, take a look at one of our progress reports here by clicking on the (it’s safe, there’s no obligation when you do so) link below.

So, after a read through, click on the Stalingrad image above or here to learn more. Hope to see you in the final pledge list!

Up Next

Coming next (bits and pieces are currently at the printers) will be the new Annual with Operation Roundup inside.

Operation Roundup was the code name for a plan prepared by Allied forces to invade Northern France in 1943 in the Pas de Calais area. This two-player game explores the first month of this never-run plan, set in September 1943 (instead of the historical landings at Salerno in Italy).

Allied forces are not the mighty invasion armada of 1944 lacking both the armored “funnies” and Mulberries that worked so well in Normandy. For the Germans at this time their “Atlantic Wall” and panzer arm are more promises of what is to come than actual impenetrable defenses.

There’s still time to pre-order Operation Roundup and get the discounted price. Click on the image above or here to learn more.

OK, thanks for reading.

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