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Agent of the Imperium: Marc Miller’s Traveller Novel – Kickstarter Project, Only 5 Days To Go


Agent of the Imperium: Marc Miller’s Traveller Novel Kickstarter Project Only 5 Days To Go To View this Item on Kickstarter click here and tell them you saw it on The Traveller Role Playing Game Series was one of the first complete Sci-Fi Role Playing games against which all other Role Playing Games of this genre were measured. Today, with the Traveller Core 5 rules, it is more robust than ever. I have always wanted to show my vision of the Traveller universe in a fiction format: from the earliest days of role-playing (that would be the late 1970’s,…

Casemate Publishers New Book Releases for Late November 2015

In This Email Nanjing 1937 A Handful of Hard Men The Typhoon Truce, 1970 Wellington’s Hidden Heroes Blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper Eisenhower’s Thorn on the Rhine “The Most Dangerous Moment of the War” Ghost Patrol I Was a Spy! The Map Makers’ World SS Elite – The Senior Leaders of Hitler’s Praetorian Guard volume 1. A-J Tornado in Pictures Il-2 Shturmovik: Red Avenger Charge! Decline and Fall of Napoleon’s Empire Fighting the Breakout Life In Napoleon’s Army Beyond No Mean Soldier The Easter Offensive – Vietnam 1972 The Easter Offensive – Vietnam 1972 Iranian Tigers at War Cruisers of the 1st…

Modiphius Entertainment Launches Space 1889

Space 1889 Book Cover

SPACE 1889 Launches Today Reach for the Victorian stars as Modiphius announces the release of the Space 1889 Core Book, Collector’s Edition, and GM Screen… Science Fiction roleplaying in a more civilized time “Everything Jules Verne could have written. Everything H. G. Wells should have written. Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published – because it was too fantastic.” London 17th November 2015 Modiphius are pleased to announce the release of a suite of Space 1889 products including a Space 1889 Core Book (Print & PDF bundle), as well as a PDF version and Space 1889 GM Screen,…

GMT Games 1989 Dawn of Freedom


1989 Dawn of Freedom Designed by Ted Torgerson & Jason Matthews Available from GMT Games MSRP $65.00 Please tell them you saw this review on Mataka.ORG. Background 1989 was a year in which the life of many people around the world changed forever. It was a time when the cold war was ending and new governments and nations were forming. The events of 1989 were to have profound effects on the world that are still felt today. This was a time that was the historical turning point for Eastern Bloc nations. There were waves of revolutions that started in Poland…

Scale 75 Announces Smog Riders–The War Ensues is Available on Kickstarter – "Fat Bob Mecha", "Steampunkzer", "Pelicopter", & the "Sharktilus"


Tell them you saw this on Mataka.ORG. By land, sea or air… Now you can choose the war machine to accompany your Smog Riders Following the successful release of the Smog Riders range from Scale75 we are ready to face new creative challenges with your help. We intend to create vehicles and armaments of all factions of our Smog Riders universe which is about to go to war!!! We have designed four amazing war machines with their crews included, along with their respective assistants and sidekicks. Each within its type and its special features but without forgetting the Steampunk style…

Scale 75 SMOG Riders Now Available–35mm Steampunkzer


Scale 75 SMOG Riders 35mm Steam Punk Now Available THE STEAMPUNKZER Hi all! Today we want to show you the 35mm Steampunkzer. The Steampunkzer is an all-terrain armored tank designed to wipe out anything that gets in its way. In addition to Magda, its commander, there are also included Günter Kid and Fritz the penguin who will never leave the Steampunkzer without ammunition. We hope you like it! Thanks for your support! . Scale 75 & The Steampunkzer Team

Strategy & Tactics Briefing Room for November 2015 for Strategy & Tactics, Issue #296, Armies of the Korean War

Issue 296

ST 296 Preview Article Sample The Roman Army in the Era of Julius Caesar By Joseph Miranda The 1st century BC saw the greatest wars of the Roman Republic: Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, civil conflicts among various contenders for state power, and the consolidation of the Republic’s vast territories into what would become the Empire. The instrument used to achieved this was the Roman Army. Up Front with Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo The Roman army of the 1st century BC was organized under what are usually termed the Marian reforms, which were implemented circa 100 BC. The improvements…

Andrea Depot USA Latest Release for November 2015 U.S. SNIPER


Andrea Depot USA Latest Release for November 2015 U.S. SNIPER S8-F59 90 mm 1/18 For Additional Information from Andrea Depot click here and tell them you saw it on PRODUCT INFORMATION 13 white metal casting for assembly and painting. Kit: $89.00 PRODUCT INFORMATION 13 white metal casting for assembly and painting. Kit: $89.00 Painted HQ: $578.00 Includes High Quality Painting Painting by skilled Andrea painters with full lighting and shadowing processes.

Modiphius Entertainment Announces the Release of Thunderbirds


Thunderbirds Are G Thunderbirds Are Go! (in stores) Great news! Thunderbirds the Co-Operative Boardgame by Matt Leacock is now available in stores across Europe from this week, and North America next week. We’ve included lots of great shots of the game in this email and as usual if you post anything please let us know so we can link back to you. Calling International Rescue! Fireflash, the hypersonic airliner, has a bomb in the landing gear! The runaway Crablogger is out of control! The world of 2065 is full of technological marvels, but when things go wrong and life is…

Matrix Games Latest Release Command Northern Inferno Available on PC

Command Northern Inferno

Gaze into the abyss of World War 3 Command: Northern Inferno is releasing today on PC Epsom, UK – October 22, 2015. The year is 1975, the Cold War is omnipresent and beneath the veneer of détente, the tension between the two superpowers irreversibly escalates towards the ultimate confrontation. As an at-sea “accident” results in the sinking of a Royal Navy frigate and the Warsaw Pact is mobilizing, events rapidly spiral out of control. The world is plunging towards another global conflict – but this time, there will be no post-war recovery, only nuclear disaster. Today, award-winning Command: Modern Air/Naval…

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Flying Pig Games Announces 3 New Game Releases – Winter Thunder, Dorking 1875: The German Conquest of Britain, & Our Royal Bones: The Battle of the Bouvines


Design Scenarios. Win Stuff! Here’s your chance. Design a scenario for Team Desobry and the Battles for Noville in December 1944 and you can win a copy of Old School Tactical or Night of Man. Use any tactical system: LNL, ASL, Panzer Leader, whatever. The rules are right here. Old School Tactical on the March! Old School Tactical. The printer-ready Luck and Data cards are complete, fini, done. All 81 of them. We are officially one step closer. As most of you know, the Data cards are a convenient reference for the forces in Old School Tactical, and the Lucks…

Slitherine New Product Release–Operation Sealion for Panzercorps

Panzercorps Sealion

London Calling Panzer Corps: Operation Sealion is releasing today on PC and iPad Epsom, UK – October 15, 2015. Summer 1940 – the German war machine has swept away the French army in a few weeks and seems to be the dominant European military force. But the Western front is not completely under Axis control. The UK – the last stronghold of the Allies in this part of Europe – is not going to surrender by any means. A massive landing operation supported by naval and air strikes is planned by the German High Command. All-time classic Panzer Corps (80…

Strategy & Tactics (S&T) Press Briefing Room Latest News for October 2015

S&T Press Briefing Room Banner

WW44 Preview Article Sample Pappy Boyington & the Black Sheep Squadron By Ray Starmann The story of the Black Sheep Squadron, VMF-214, is the story of Gregory “Pappy” Boyington because it was Boyington who made the squadron into one of the finest fighting units in Marine Corps history. Boyington had guts, resourcefulness, and tenacity; qualities also exhibited by the men under his command. Perhaps the truth about Boyington and the Black Sheep lies somewhere between the Hollywood portrayal, Boyington’s version of history, and reality. The Black Sheep fought for 84 days. They piled up an incredible tally of 203 enemy…

Victory Point Games (VPG) Announces Hunt: The Unknown Quarry


Hunt: The Unknown Quarry Designed by Jeremy Lennert Available NOW for Pre-Order! Expected ship date; late October 2015. For additional information go to Victory Point Games website by clicking here and tell them you saw it on MATAKA.ORG. A bounty has been placed on the head of a monster terrorizing a small country town. Bounty hunters descend on the abandoned mansion where it is rumored to make its lair, each hoping to claim the prize. However, one of these hunters is actually the monster in disguise. One is forced to ask, then: who hunts whom? Hunt: The Unknown Quarry, from…

Andrea Miniatures Black Hawk Toy Soldiers Latest Releases for October 2015 Ride to Glory


Andrea Miniatures Black Hawk Toy Soldiers Latest Releases for October 2015 Ride to Glory On the Trail to the Little Big Horn U.S. Cavalry Trooper 5, 1876 Product ID: BH1312 Scale: 54 mm 1/32 PRODUCT INFORMATION Metal cast model hand painted and assembled. Made in Europe. Painted: Standard Quality Painting Painted St: $85.00 Sales Tax and shipping cost not included U.S. Cavalry Trooper 4, 1876 Product ID: BH1311 Scale: 54 mm 1/32 PRODUCT INFORMATION Metal cast model hand painted and assembled. Made in Europe. Painted: Standard Quality Painting Painted : $85.00 Sales Tax and shipping cost not included. U.S. Cavalry…

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict

Hornet Leader Cthulhu Conflict

Hornet Leader The Cthulhu Conflict Available from DVG Games The following fully describes Hornet Leader The Cthulhu Conflict taken from the rear of the box. The year is 2015… from the chill waters of the South Pacific, the long-fabled island of R’lyeh, home to the Great Cthulhu, rises from the depths. The Stars are Right, and the time of reckoning is upon the world. Your carrier task force is in a position to engage the hordes and overlords of the Cthulhu invasion as their armies spread across the globe bringing an end to mankind. Your squadron of modern navy strike…

Modiphius Entertainment To Launch Kung Fu Panda The Boardgame at GenCon 2016

Kung Fu Panda

Modiphius Entertainment  KUNG FU PANDA TO BRING HIGH-KICKING, FURRY-ACTION TO A TABLETOP NEAR YOU! Modiphius Entertainment to launch Kung Fu Panda The Boardgame – A Game Of Furious Co-operative Action! MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT, a UK based publisher of tabletop games has announced a licensing deal with Dreamworks Animation to produce an official boardgame based on Kung Fu Panda. Letting you step in to the action as either Po or one of the Furious Five, the boardgame will feature intense dice rolling action, as the players co-operate to defeat Tai Lung and other villains from the Kung Fu Panda films and animated…

Modiphius Entertainment Miniatures Boardgame Siege of the Citadel Returns Being Designed for 2016

Mutant Chronicles

SIEGE OF THE CITADEL RETURNS! Modiphius & Cabinet Entertainment have joined forces to re-boot one of the most epic miniatures boardgames, Siege of the Citadel. Originally designed by the team at Target Games in Sweden and then developed by Richard Borg at Pressman Toys, Siege of the Citadel became a worldwide hit with its lavish components, high quality plastic figures and innovative rules.  Modiphius & Cabinet Entertainment have assembled an all-star team of designers to work on the re-boot including Richard Borg, Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson, along with cover artist Adrian Smith, and a sculpting team of Prodos Games…

Against the Odds (ATO) Latest News for October 2015

ATO 44 Cover

   Against the Odds (ATO) Latest News for October 2015 Greetings, Just a couple of quick items with this news flash this time, plus announcement of a neat special offer further below. Website Security: The credit card industry upgraded security features in late May this year. Regrettably, our hosting service refused to go along with these so we suspended accepting credit cards via the web over the summer. I’m pleased to say we’ve moved to a new hosting service that fully meets the tougher industry standards. We are back to accepting Mastercard and VISA credit cards once more. You can…

Osprey Publishing’s Raid 34 Oldest Allies – Alcantara 1809


Oldest Allies Alcantara 1809 Written by René Chartrand Illustrated by Mark Stacey and Johnny Shumate This 80 page book from Osprey Publishing is number 34 in the Raid series of books. The Alcántara Bridge is a Roman bridge built over the Tagus River beginning around 105 AD by an order of the Roman Emperor Trajan. Over the central archway there is an inscription which reads “Pontem perpetui mansurum in saecula” which translates to “I have built a bridge which will last forever”. (The bridge is still in use today.) The Alcántara Bridge and fortifications stood on one of the two…

Diffraction Entertainment Releases Foxhole: Utah Beach Plus Past and Future Work


Diffraction Entertainment Releases Foxhole: Utah Beach Plus Past and Future Work DE Ltd is now shipping Foxhole: Utah Beach… Also, DE thought it might be worth while to pass on some statistics out their company. With a production team of 4 people at the top end, DE and TKC have: Designed the largest game system in the market. Sold some games. Printed 3 boxes Printed 3 ziplocks Printed about (!) 84 maps – average size is 23” by 15”… work it out for your selves but that is a LOT of map area. Designed and printed 50 countersheets (each with…

Victory Point Games Announces Wings for the Baron Boardgame


Victory Point Games (VPG) Announces Wings for the Baron  Order by 15 October and receive a free Wings for the Baron pin with your order (shipping mid-October)! It is 1916, and the First World War continues with no end in sight. With the war a bloody stalemate on the ground, the combatants have turned to their developing air forces to achieve victory. Wings for the Baron allows 3-5 players to take the role of German aero plane manufacturers, supplying the machines needed to drive the Allied air forces from the skies and ensure German victory. Note: This game is currently…